Talent Management

Hiring the right people with the right
knowledge, skills and behaviors can make
or break an organization’s success.

Developing and keeping the right people allows organizations to sustain that success. Talent acquisition and management are key for agile modern businesses.

It’s about identifying, tracking and managing skills – those you already have and can develop or need to recruit.

As your business grows and transitions, you need to make sure you have the right skills in place to meet new demands. And employees need to be supported with the right development opportunities to develop their skills in line with the business.

Talent management with
Alight | NGA HR

Our HR and tech experts understand the importance of managing talent and planning for progression, to make sure you always have the skills needed to grow.

We’ll help you get the most out of your HCM system, saving time for your HR team so they can focus on making the workplace better for your people.

By working with you, we can ensure your HR software meets the needs of your training and development strategies, so that the skillsets of your people to align with your business plan.


While your focus is on training and retaining your brightest talent, there’ll be times you need to dip into the external talent pool to recruit new people or to explore the internal talent pool for opportunities to promote employees.

Your HR system needs to track the skills and qualifications you have access to across your global workforce. This lets you identify skills gaps and how to fill them – either by training, reskilling or promoting existing employees, or recruiting new talent.

We can support you in ensuring your HCM system supports your business with recruitment. Our experts have deep knowledge on the major HCM platforms including SAP SuccessFactors and Workday: