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UK Small and Medium Market - Moorepay


SMBs are a vibrant and growing segment around the world — and one becoming more and more reliant on external expertise given the growing complexities of legislation in the UK. NGA leads this market in the UK with integrated, cloud-based software solutions supported by a range of BPaaS services.

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UK and Ireland Large and Mid-Market


The UK & Ireland large and mid-market segment is at the heart of NGA's success and market leadership, with more than 4.2 million employees served and a 28% market share. In the UK & Ireland, NGA's market-leading ResourceLink platform covers core HR, talent functionality, and payroll, providing solutions for organisations with more than 500 employees, including many of the nation's largest employers.

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The global enterprise market is characterised for us as an IT-led HR services business, built around our unique application and integration technologies — with payroll and workforce administration at the foundation, and enabled through a global HR service delivery network with capabilities in 145 countries.

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