The Secret to Cloud HR Success? Happy Apps!

05 Oct 2017
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NGA HR & NelsonHall

‘Buyers need to optimize the configuration of cloud systems to achieve the full value of their investment as well as maintaining the system at its peak performance’, said Pete Tiliakos of NelsonHall in the recent ‘Targeting Cloud-Based HR Services’ market analysis.

For cloud HCM solutions to provide continued value for organizations and get 'Happy Apps' - an integrated, compliant app, on the most recent release, tested and using the latest innovation - organizations need to go beyond successful deployment and build an approach that takes advantage of the ongoing innovation cloud HR offers, taking advantage of the full functionality, multiple releases and ongoing innovation the cloud brings.

In this webinar experts Pete Tiliakos of NelsonHall and Raul Camacho of NGA Human Resources explain you the steps to take to ensure your current and future digital HR platforms are set-up and maintained well to ensure optimum performance.

What to expect:

  • Findings from ‘Targeting Cloud Based HR Services’ market analysis by NelsonHall, 
  • Guidance on how to maximize your cloud investment – user performance and ROI
  • Why you need application management services to create ‘Happy Apps’: HCM applications that are up-to-date, complete and on the latest release