Research Reveals that 75% of HR Directors Opt to Outsource the Application Management of their Workday System

Research Reveals that 75% of HR Directors Opt to Outsource the Application Management of their Workday System
24 Jan 2017
  • Businesses recognize they often lack the skills and time in-house needed to manage and maintain Workday
  • Failure to maintain introduces compliance risks and performance inefficiencies
  • Greater Workday functionality and ROI can be realized with support
  • Business case for Workday application management services (AMS) is strong


Jacksonville, FL – January 24, 2017 – Research by NGA Human Resources into the user experiences of the Workday Human Collateral Management (HCM) platform, reveals that three-quarters of HR directors around the world recognize that they can’t realize the best return from their Workday investment if managing the HCM platform in-house.

The key reason for this is the lack of available resource, skills, specific certifications, training and experience needed to efficiently manage the twice yearly updates on top of the day-to-day platform maintenance and support.

Additionally, without the skills and experience, it is almost impossible to optimize the platform to the specific HR and workforce management objectives and needs of the business, now and as they evolve.

According to the study, this lack of skills leaves organizations feeling vulnerable and open to compliance and security risks. It is also widely recognized that employees are not benefiting from the full capabilities of the Workday platform.

The study revealed that routine Workday maintenance requires a significant time investment:

  • 95% claim three to four days’ HR resource is required a month to support Workday maintenance in-house
  • 35% spend a week or more each month
  • 75% have three to four members of staff addressing Workday maintenance
  • 79% say HR becomes responsible for the two annual major Workday updates, which distracts staff from strategic HR work


“The implementation of Workday is a major milestone for businesses moving their HR processes to the Cloud, but they are fast realizing that the journey doesn’t end there,” explained Steve Weintraub, president of HR, North America, NGA Human Resources.

“This research highlights our own customer experiences that post go-live, organizations are struggling to achieve and maintain a steady state of optimal performance. Configuration changes, reviews of business processes and security updates can be delayed or missed. This is not ideal for HR performance,” continued Steve Weintraub of NGA Human Resources.

The top three Workday maintenance challenges reported are Integration Support (86%), Custom Reporting (83%) and Configuration Management (82%). This presents a solid and clear business case for moving to a Workday AMS partnership.

Key challenges addressed by AMS:

  1. Integration with other apps and processes (HR and business)
  2. Setting up of security roles to maximize security
  3. Mass load processing
  4. Customer porting
  5. Tennant management

Other key findings from the survey include:

  • 62% using Workday’s Time Management model
  • 30% and 20%, respectively, using Talent Management and Payroll
  • In the coming year, 57% plan to implement Talent Management, followed by Time Management (20%) and Payroll (9%)
  • 69% said increasing user adoption and improving employee experience were top strategic Workday objectives
  • 24% want to enable system scalability for global expansion efforts


About the NGA Human Resources research

NGA Human Resources surveyed 100 HR professionals using Workday in organizations across the globe. The survey reveals significant desire to expand Workday usage and increase adoption in the coming year, which speaks to the platform’s value. However, challenges with compliance, deadlines and support requirements suggests the need for dedicated Workday assistance, both within the organization and from an outside source.

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