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Do you need to deliver compliant, accurate and reliable payroll services that can rapidly scale? Are you trying to solve payroll integration challenges when moving to the HR cloud? Do you want to gain insights in employee costs, to help you optimize business spend?

Today’s business environment is
fast-paced and agile.

Managing the complexity of local payrolls and standardizing payroll processes for a global workforce isn’t easy. Organizations are constantly changing: they spin off entities and acquire businesses at the same time. When your organization is moving to the HR Cloud, integrating and running payroll solutions is a challenge, especially if you want to deliver a seamless employee experience.

How we can help


We partner with you to design a service model that fits your business needs – a combination of processing, managed and outsourced services including voice and data support.


We know that the true value of a payroll service goes beyond delivering a standard service. Our service delivery represents the next generation of payroll process automation.


NGA HR supports 3 million employees across the world with local and multi-country payroll services. We understand the difference between global governance and local delivery and we adhere to the highest standards of compliance. 


Our team is focused on running quality payroll services so your HR professionals can focus on strategic activities that help you unleash the full potential of your people – and deliver smart insights that drive business results.

Service excellence meets innovation

Scalable model

We provide flexible payroll service options per country to fit your changing business needs

Global approach, local touch

Central governance with local oversight for payroll in 188 countries

Unified HR Cloud integration

Certified payroll connector to solutions from Workday, SuccessFactors and Oracle

Payroll insights

Accurate reporting and analytics delivering actionable insights based on real-time data

Build your payroll case

Managing and rewarding employees across the globe offers many legal, cultural, compliance and data quality challenges. By surveying international payroll experts we offer a new perspective on which geographies are more complex than others when it comes to compensating your multi-country workforce.

The Global Payroll Complexity Index provides a fact-based overview of the complexity of managing the payroll process in 48 countries across the globe, bsed on 5 categories.

Read our Global Payroll Complexity Index Report, and understand which key parameters influence international payroll complexity and how the 48 countries surveyed stack up.

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Having a fully integrated, centrally managed and flexible payroll solution is important for every organization, but how can you set this up without interrupting the business? How does this transformation project need to be planned and executed? And how can you quantify costs to determine if there is a business case?

This white paper will provide the answers to your questions. Using a step-by-step method, each chapter guides you through the approach to ensure you have all the pieces in place to build a solid business case that supports your global payroll transformation.

Download your step-by-step guide

Do you know which payroll service delivery model best suits your organization?

We have several tools that explain your options. Although we recommend to follow the standards, our experience tells us that this approach sometimes does not cover a companies’ unique needs. Contact us to discuss your specific circumstances, and receive our recommendation for your payroll service delivery model.

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