Webinar | HR and Marketing

When: 29 Aug 2019

Where: Online

HR and Marketing WebinarWebinar

What is this webinar about?

For decades, HR has struggled to gain the same organizational relevance as departments like Finance and Marketing. But why is that? More importantly, what does HR need to start doing to get a seat at the executive table – and keep it once there? During this webinar, we’ll go through the difficulties facing HR and help you understand how Marketing can help fix those issues.

Why you should watch it:

A KPMG International study found only 17% of executives feel HR demonstrates added value…
Join us at 16.00 CEST Thursday, August 29th for a live webinar where we’ll dive into the most common problems facing HR and marketing and look at best practices that can help HR be more effective, impactful, and relevant for both employees and leadership.
We’ll focus on how HR can be supported through:
– Data (people analytics)
– Communication (outline of effective communications approach)
– Focusing on the End-User (employee engagement)
and more!

Who will be hosting:

  • Our webinar host, Dustin Robinson, is a former HR professional turned marketer. He currently works as a product marketing manager at Booking.com – one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms. In his work he has a deep passion for data, storytelling, and having a good laugh (and learning moment) after experiments go horribly wrong. Dustin has lived in five countries and is an avid traveller. He is currently based in Amsterdam.
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