‘Integration of Different HR Cloud Systems’: Lunch Event

When: 11 Jun 2019

Where: NGA HR Nieuwegein | Nevelgaarde 9

Event: Integration of HR Cloud Systems

The integration of different HR cloud systems is an important theme for many organizations. We wrote an article on how to solve payroll integration challenges when moving HR to the cloud but we want to take it even further. With good integration, you create uniformity and more insight (inter)nationally in all your HR processes. You also improve the user experience and thus the important “employee engagement”.

Discussions with various organizations have shown that the integration of the different systems presents quite a few challenges. During this special lunch, we will focus on integration challenges and we want to ensure that everyone returns home with useful insights.

Integration of different HR Cloud Systems

The following points will be discussed during this lunch:

• How do you ensure that an integration process runs as smoothly as possible?

• Reasons why organizations opt for an integrated solution

• Reasons why organizations have integration high on the agenda

• What challenges do we see in the market?

See you there?