HR Design Thinking Workshop

When: 05 Feb 2019

Where: Nevelgaarde 9, 3436 ZZ Nieuwegein

In the 80’s we had the “Brick Phone”, Casio calculation watch and the first Apple’s pc the Macintosh 128k, nowadays in HR and Payroll we are looking at innovations like Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain.

Nice all those technologies but shouldn’t we go back to the basic? The experiences of our employees? Or will this be improved by technology as well?

To get back to the basics we are organizing an HR design thinking workshop on the 5th of February 2019 in the Dutch office in Nieuwegein. Design Thinking is a systematic, human-centered approach. The approach goes far beyond traditional concerns such as shape and layout. And unlike traditional scientific and engineering approaches, which address a task from the view of technical solvability, user needs and requirements, as well as user-oriented invention are central to the process.

Design Thinkers step into the end users’ shoes. Solutions and ideas are concretized and communicated in the form of prototypes as early as possible so that potential users can test them and provide feedback – long before the completion or launch. In this way, Design Thinking generates practical results.

This is an exclusive workshop with room for only 14 participants, the registration is open for HR & IT leaders from organizations with a minimum of 1000 employees, and preferred to work in a multi-country environment.