HR analytics webinar

When: 24 Jul 2019

Where: Online

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People Analytics is one of the hottest topics for executives today. From finding pain points to predicting the most optimal outcomes of talent decisions; With the right practices and technology your people data can become a business critical asset. Many organizations still face issues reaching that next level and are hesitant to take the first steps, but may actually be more ready for it than they think!

Tune in 16.00 CET Wednesday, July 24th for a live webinar to hear how you can measure the maturity of your People Analytics function and find out about successful customer journeys from basic reporting to predictive analytics. We’ll also take a look at how the latest BI technology can fast track capability growth and demo AI-powered analytics in action. We will close off with a Q&A session, so you can send us questions already before the webinar or ask them during the session.

Our webinar hosts have over decade long experiences in the field of People Analytics and have also worked many years together helping organizations raise their capability:

  • Karri Koski, Leading People Analytics Specialist from NGA HR
  • Nigel Dias, Managing Director of 3n Strategy and Chair of the HR Analytics ThinkTank research