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Stream your way through the summer, Watch the best of NGA HR’s video

Bet you can’t wait for the summer to start and relax or hike your way though the upcoming sunny days.
You probably already set up some Netflix series that you can watch during your travel or when just simple relaxing
Why not add some HR videos to your list and be up to date by the end of this summer and impress your colleagues with all the great knowledge you have learned by simply relaxing and streaming.

Here is a best of selection from NGA HR videos you can watch and listen to during this summer:

HR Design Thinking

As more businesses are globally adopting digital technologies to transform HR, designing a better employee experience will continue to be a central theme with HR leaders. But how can you effectively apply a consumer and digital lens to the HR function?

Applying this perspective goes beyond just applying new technology to HR: being employee-centric and digital is all about developing a fresh mindset.

Watch our webinar to see how you can apply the design thinking concept to building a world-class employee experience:

Payroll Complexity Survey Results

The workforce, the workplace, and the way that we work have changed faster in the last two years than ever before. The impact this is having on payroll departments all over the world is significant.

How do we know? Because nearly 2,500 payroll professionals, in more than 50 countries, told us during the January to March 2019 research process.

We will reveal the Top 40 countries in order of payroll complexity. You might be surprised to see who the significant movers are, and which new countries have entered the index since the publication of the 2017 Global Payroll Complexity Index and report.

Prepare for the future with HR Cloud services

As you know everybody is moving to the Cloud and so is HR. You are already there, or you know you need to move within the next couple of years.

Either way, you don’t want the hustle and bustle and your system needs to be up and running 24/7. You want high level services so you can be a strategic HR leader, offering great employee experiences and having a top-notch employer brand.

As an HR leader, how will you effectively manage the complexities of ongoing releases, process integration and compliance? Do you have the internal knowledge to keep your system optimized? Have all of your employees bought into the new system?

Watch the webinar to find out more:

HR software implementations – FastTrack

You might not want to go fast with the next HR software implementation you rather want to go super secure.
Either way, whether you are planning an integration in the next six months or in 2020 now is a good time to get some insights in the setup of an HR software implementation process.

Hear how Cloud HR and Pay:

1. Can solve your global payroll issues in 50+ countries with one single contract.
2. Supports your company’s growth, profit and flexibility requirements.
3. Provides comprehensive real-time analytics and reports.
4. Gives you the ability to win the war on talent and focus on the people in your business.
5. Has time, benefits and compensation features… all at your fingertips.