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Interview with NGA HR’s Payroll Hero: Marijke

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payroll heroYour LinkedIn profile says you are a ‘Payroll Specialist’, what does that mean exactly?
It means that I am a senior employee who has worked multiple years in payroll administration. This entails that I know everything on payroll administration; from mutations to law, to setting up a Software package, it sometimes feels like I’m also a part-time IT consultant. Furthermore, I am an expert on law and regulations as I am supposed to know all the latest changes regarding payroll.

What studies did you do and how did you end up working for NGA HR?
It all started when I wanted a job on the side, I was hired in a cashier role at a local warehouse. After a week of working as a cashier, they asked me to help out in administration. After that, the warehouse asked me if I wanted to continue working for them during the weekends and holidays. That’s when I learned to count revenue, accounting, registering sick leave and hour registration. I loved doing this!

Actually, what I loved most was working with the vault and all the money and getting to distribute the money to the cashiers. I just noticed that I loved working with numbers, being very precise because counting revenue has to be correct to the last cent. This whole game was fun for me. Additionally, I was quite shy so working behind a desk suited me.

After a wrong study choice, I made the decision to study Music Sciences. I really did not know what I wanted to do but my dad is a musician so I felt obliged to follow in his footsteps. I did graduate but eventually rolled into the Payroll administration world. I came into NGA HR via a recruitment agency because they were looking for someone on payroll administration. I’ve done the PDL (Practical diploma Payroll administration) and VPS (Vocational training Payroll Services) course. In addition, I followed a lot of necessary courses and worked my way up. Even though it took some detours, I am truly happy with what I am doing now.

How long have you worked for NGA?
I started in June 2009 so I’ve been here 10 years now.

What are nice parts of your job?
Making sure that every month the payroll succeeds. Or at the very least, to have as little faults as possible. I know after 10 years of doing this that making no mistakes is an illusion but I want to make the client happy and satisfied by making as few errors as possible.

And what are challenging aspects of your job?
What’s challenging for me is that the client sometimes has higher expectations in comparison to what I can offer. I have to learn to tell the client if something is not possible.

In addition, payroll people do not dare to take a holiday that’s longer than 2 weeks. You need a week to prepare the payroll and feel responsible for it.

Are some months more hectic than others?
Definitely, the months surrounding the end of the year are the most hectic. Mostly due to changes in legislation. At one point the software needs to close for the new year so that’s a busy period.
Summer holidays are the most relaxed periods, I could even try to get 3 holiday weeks in a row this year.

What advice would you give people who are trying to get a job similar to yours?
Make sure you’ve followed the necessary courses. If you’ve done these, it should be easy to get a job in payroll.

In addition, you have to be a precise worker and stress-resistant. In NGA HR it is also important that you’re comfortable with working in an international company.

When I started working here, I hated it if something went wrong. At one point you learn that everyone makes small mistakes. What also makes it difficult is that you only hear from your clients if something went wrong. Even though all the other months you did everything right, the moment you make a mistake is when you hear from your client.

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