HR cloud software 3 next steps for your

You are using an HR cloud software solution and you took the journey and the implementation is done. But what’s next? You don’t want to stand still and want to continue to be innovative and make sure your organization keeps running smoothly. Here 3 next steps you can take to continue your cloud journey:

Get checked 

First things first, take a step back. Your journey is over and you are in the cloud, or are there still things missing? Is a part of the applications still left on-premise? Is everybody, everywhere using the cloud solution? Is it adapted to local needs? Isn’t there anybody stuck or resistant? Time to do some checks on processes, the organizational structure, the software itself and the data.

Get Apps 

You probably found out that your HR cloud software solution can’t provide all the functionalities you had in mind. You might still be using some applications on the side. But the nice thing about a cloud solution is that you can use apps. And yes you can compare that with the apps you have on your phone! They are designed to work smoothly with the application that you are using, using the same look and feel, so that your users can adapt it right away. A great example of such an app is the one that Amrest is using for their restaurant managers in the KFC, Burger King and Starbucks restaurants in Eastern Europe. The managers don’t have time to go to a computer and manage the high value of temporary staff. Therefore they use an app that is connected to the HR system to quickly hire staff and move on with their day to day work. Read more about their story on our website:

Get services  

To get the maximum value out of your HR system it’s smart to get some support with this. You might have seen those long documents that come with every quarterly release of your software provider, with all the great new features that they offer. You want to get the best out of these releases but you don’t have the in house knowledge to deal with the release notes and the follow-up work. Time to get some help from outside. Learn more about these services and how to deal with them in our on-demand webinar: