NGA ID Sync Introduces One-step Employee ID Entry for Employee Central

SAP Hana Cloud Platform extension automates transfer of employee data between SuccessFactors Employee Central and any ID management system

29 Aug 2016

August 29, 2016 – London, UK; Las Vegas, NV: NGA Human Resources (NGA HR) has today added NGA ID Sync to its portfolio of SAP Hana Cloud Platform (HCP) extensions. NGA HR’s cloud apps each extend specific areas of functionality for SuccessFactors Employee Central. NGA ID Sync is available as of today from the SAP App Center.

NGA ID Sync simplifies all aspects of the new hire process and ensures that employee information, across multiple systems, is unique and consistent to each employee. It adds a one-entry administration system for entering employee ID data, greatly reducing time, cost, and onboarding delays, and the possibilities of errors common with multiple manual personal detail entries.

Specific in its functionality, NGA ID Sync integrates Employee Central and SuccessFactors employee IDs with any third-party ID management system. It automatically opens a "new hire" screen in SuccessFactors when the hiring process starts. The candidate’s personal data is pre-populated into the screen, triggering a sequence of next steps in the new hire process. Where ID is required, the fields will be automatically populated.

NGA ID Sync brings significant time savings and data quality improvements to large organizations, in particular when disclosure and barring checks, criminal records, financial, and work visa records, for example, are required and where there are high numbers of temporary or contingent workforces.

The immediate results for the business are:

HR department - faster on-boarding, greater data accuracy, significantly reduced admin, and increased security and compliance.  

For health and safety, asset management and many other employee-related activities held outside of the HR system, NGA ID Sync can track employees by one unique ID key. This eliminates any issues concerning employee traceability.

Managers - can rely on the accuracy of reports and data, as well as benefit from increased engagement with employees.

Employees - assurance that their contact details have been accurately entered, and that they will have access to all applications, files and processes that they need.

Business leaders - accurately inputted data ensures that all reporting and analytics are error-free and can effectively be fed back into business management processes to provided a highly accurate and real-time view of employee statuses.

Stakeholders – this integrated, streamlined and automated tool lowers IT-related costs, speeds up onboarding and increases employee efficiency.

"NGA ID Sync is the next in our pipeline of 50 SAP HCP extensions. Our apps are developed with the end user in mind, to maximize employee experience and improved efficiency in and between digital HR processes," said Russell Sheldon, SVP Digital HR Services & CIO at NGA Human Resources.

"At NGA Human Resources, we're 100% focused on helping our clients with their Digital HR transformation journey. By continuing to innovate with apps such as NGA ID Sync, we're ensuring that our clients can achieve the best results from their SuccessFactors investment," continued Russell Sheldon. 


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