NGA Human Resources unveils NGA cleaHRsky

Truly integrated HR-as-a-Service solution

HR’s first fully integrated HR-as-a-Service solution

25 Oct 2016
  • End-to-end integrated HR-as-a-Service for core HR, payroll, talent and HR service delivery, built on SAP SuccessFactors cloud HCM software, NGA HR technology platforms, and NGA HR services
  • Standardized, compliant and well-documented HR processes based on best practices to deliver a consistent and compelling employee experience in 145+ countries
  • Rapid solution activation – in less than 100 days – based on preconfiguration, interrogatory deployment methodology, and unified data model


HR Tech World Europe: Paris, France: NGA Human Resources (NGA HR) is set to transform the way organizations deliver HR, payroll, time, and talent processes to employees with the launch of NGA cleaHRsky, the industry’s first fully integrated HR-as-a-Service (HRaaS) solution.

NGA cleaHRsky combines leading cloud HCM software – SAP SuccessFactors, with NGA HR’s industry-leading services and technology solutions, to deliver an integrated, standardized and ready-to-run HR solution that truly transforms the employee experience.

The solution bundles NGA HR’s experience, having implemented over 1,000 HCM systems, with NGA HR’s global payroll and HR service delivery capabilities to enable rapid implementation (in less than 100 days for core HR) and a cost reduction of 30% compared to traditional solutions.

Pre-configured and fully compliant with HR and payroll regulations in 145+ countries, NGA cleaHRsky greatly reduces the time, cost and complexity of setting up and running an HCM solution, based on a catalog of standard core HR processes and services, while giving clients the ability to configure areas such as talent management. 

“One of the issues we hear from buyers when implementing cloud-based HCM technology is that they often end up with similar functionality and HR processes to what they had on their legacy systems,” said Michael Cook, HRaaS and Security Research Director, HfS Research.

“NGA cleaHRsky offers an easy to consume solution to this problem, allowing organizations to get the best out of SAP SuccessFactors implementations in a “plug & play” format. At HfS, we believe that NGA cleaHRsky embodies many of the ideals of the As-a-Service Economy, and is a bold step forward in the HRaaS market,” continued Michael Cook of HfS Research.

Through on-board pre-configuration, continuous release management, standardized interfaces, a range of extensions, and well-documented HR process descriptions, all supported by NGA HR experts, NGA cleaHRsky enables rapid activation in multiple geographies, lights-out maintenance, actionable analytics, and end-to-end support at a predictable, low cost of operation.

Building on Payroll Exchange, NGA HR’s global integration middleware, and myHRW, NGA’s case management platform, local, regional and global HR and payroll processes are enabled in more than 145 countries, with all compliance, data privacy, and labor regulations factored in into the solution.

Employees and managers are supported in real-time by HR experts in 25 languages. As a result, organizations can rely on a well-run, globally compliant HR engine room, supporting every HR transaction, including core HR, payroll, talent management, and service delivery.

In less than 100 days, users can start experiencing improved employee engagement, collaboration, unified service delivery, and access to self-service tools, analytics and HR best practices - irrespective of location or device. Completely based on best-practice HR standards, NGA cleaHRsky will evolve with the needs of local and multinational organizations.

“NGA cleaHRsky is a highly secure, reliable and standardized solution that links employees with employers and business output to employee input. It’s an organization’s fast track to fully-automated, end-to-end and compliant workforce management, one that will support the wider digital transformation of the business,” explained Johan Bosschaerts, SVP Product and Offerings Development at NGA Human Resources.

“NGA cleaHRsky applies the concept of highly standardized Business Process-as-a-Service to HR, enabling HR-as-a-Service, combining leading HCM technology with leading expert services, standardization and automation. Our objective with NGA cleaHRsky is to give organizations the guaranteed global HR and payroll services needed to keep employees happy and enable real HR transformation,” continued Johan Bosschaerts of NGA Human Resources.

In summary, NGA cleaHRsky features:

  • End-to-end integrated HR-as-a-Service for core HR, payroll, talent and HR service delivery, built on SAP SuccessFactors cloud HCM software, NGA HR technology platforms and NGA HR services
  • Standardized, consistent and well-documented HR processes allowing HR teams to deliver a unified employee experience and true HR transformation
  • Rapid solution activation, in less than 100 days for core HR, based on in-depth pre-configuration and NGA HR’s interrogatory deployment methodology
  • Integrated process support across core HR, payroll and service delivery, in 25 languages, through local and global service centers 
  • Unified HR data model and analytics providing organizations with qualitative HR, payroll and compliance reporting and actionable workforce analytics
  • Deep workforce insights enhancing an organization’s ability to support strategic business decisions
  • Continuous global compliance across every geography, taking into account evolving data privacy, (collective) labor, and tax regulations

NGA cleaHRsky is announced for general availability in June 2017.

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