NGA Human Resources Takes HR Processes into the Future with Machine Learning

Replacing manual HR functions to achieve superhuman service levels

15 Mar 2017
  • Driving rapid HR process results using learned data patterns
  • Full pipeline of Machine learning-powered Apps in NGA Human Resources' XtendHR development lab

London  –  NGA Human Resources today announces it is integrating Machine Learning (ML), the power behind Artificial Intelligence (AI), into its XtendHR SAP Cloud Platform extension Apps.  By adding machine learning to HR processes and tools, NGA Human Resources is making them more efficient and collaborative.

Machine Learning provides the essential bridge businesses need to the future workplace by automatically syncing HR processes with big data, smart analytics and business intelligence.

The first XtendHR App from NGA Human Resources, to be powered by Machine Learning is NGA Case Management Central (NGA CMC). This is an HR extension that adds a unified inbox for HR cases (“tickets”) to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central so it can integrate with any HR case management solution to increase the time to resolve HR cases.

The Machine Learning algorithms built into NGA Case Management Central, detect, learn and analyze data patterns in HR tickets. This enables fast and highly accurate next-steps predictions  and resolution decisions to be made based on learning from previous ticket transactions.

"The moment an employee begins typing a ticket the Machine Learning algorithm starts to pull up previous enquiry strings, in much the same way that Google does during a search. This is ML predicting the request, not based on logic, put based on existing scenorios, in this case, previous tickets, how these have been resolved, and by who.

"Machine Learning applied to the ticketing process replaces the traditional first-come-first served system with intelligence. By integrating ML into HR processes, we're making them intelligent and collaborative for users and for the business, highly efficient and, therefore, cost efficient, " explained Amit Soni Technology Leader at XtendHR, an NGA Human Resources business.

See Machine Learning in action:

Demonstration of NGA HR SAP Cloud Platform App, powered by Machine Learning, at HR Tech (Stand 403)

Email to arrange a virtual demonstration.