NGA Human Resources Launches Range of Digital HR Innovations at SuccessConnect London 2017

NGA HR drives digital HR at SuccessConnect London 2017

Introduces Four New SAP Cloud Platform Apps for HR, Embeds Machine Learning, and Extends Rapid Deployment Solutions for SAP SuccessFactors

12 Jun 2017

NGA Human Resources today announced a range of Digital HR innovations for businesses running SAP SuccessFactors, including four new XtendHR SAP Cloud Platform Apps, the integration of machine learning into NGA Case Management Central, and a FastTrack deployment solution for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Compensate and Variable Pay.

Each Digital HR innovation extends the value of cloud technology investments, improves the employee experience, and accelerates the time to performance for businesses operating SAP SuccessFactors. NGA HR will showcase these As-A-Service XtendHR apps, and FastTrack for NGA Employee Central modules at SuccessConnect London 2017.

Commenting on the news, Simon Porter, WW VP Sales Digital HR Services at NGA Human Resources, explains: “The relationship between HR and technology has never been closer. Cloud technology makes it possible to solve organizational challenges, better engage with employees, and improve business outcomes faster and at lower cost. The digital HR solutions developed by NGA HR provide employees and managers with the modern, single touch experience they expect, and business leaders with the workforce data they need to make smarter decisions.”

“The technologies we’re developing, and showcasing at SuccessConnect London 2017, open new horizons for HR operations teams and extend the value of cloud HR technology to make them faster to deploy and immediately effective,” continued Simon Porter.

NGA HR introduces four new XtendHR SAP Cloud Platform Apps for HR:

  • NGA HR Data Control Center puts HR administrators and operations teams in control of HR process dataflows so they can manage integrations across mixed HR technology landscapes directly from SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, without the involvement of technology experts. The app features pre-built Integration-as-a-Service for SAP SuccessFactors and significantly cuts integration development, maintenance and support costs.
  • NGA My Documents: stores all employee-related documents in one place, directly accessible through a tile in SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, leveraging NGA HR’s Payroll Exchange platform.
  • NGA My Pay: provides an interactive experience and analytical view of pay slips and summaries, including historical compares and a visual breakdown of ‘take home’ amounts, directly accessible from SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central.
  • NGA My Forms: provides an extensive forms library to enable employees, managers and administrators to complete critical payroll data during employee life events, for example the completion of local tax codes during the employee onboarding process.

These four new XtendHR apps bring the total number of available SAP Cloud Platform apps by NGA HR to nine. The latter three XtendHR apps were originally developed to enrich the employee experience capabilities in NGA Payroll Exchange and NGA cleaHRsky, NGA HR’s integrated HR-as-a-Service solution, and are now available for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central clients, in conjunction with NGA Payroll Exchange.

Integrated Machine Learning in SAP Cloud Platform Apps

NGA Case Management Central is the first SAP Cloud Platform App to be powered by Machine Learning. The Machine Learning algorithms built into NGA Case Management Central detect, learn and analyze data patterns in HR tickets and cases. This enables fast and highly accurate next-steps predictions and resolution decisions to be made based on learning from historical ticket transactions and trends.

Leveraging its experience in rapid deployment solutions for Employee Central, Performance & Goals and Succession & Development, NGA now introduces FastTrack for Compensation & Variable Pay. The NGA FastTrack rapid deployment solution for the Compensation and Variable Pay module will deliver rapid results including optimized functionality, greater implementation simplicity and reduced project cost, typically reducing deployment time by a third.

Apps in action

Amit Soni, Global Director of Digital HR at Human Resources, will demonstrate the technologies and business cases for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in HR processes, citing real-life user examples at SuccessConnect London 2017, during his session: "Extending the HR Cloud with Cloud Technologies, Machine Learning and Bots,"  on Tuesday 13 June 12 – 1pm.