What if we told you that you can modernize your payroll, automate processes and reduce payroll errors 

All of this… implemented in just 12 weeks

FastTrack is a future-proof solution that makes enterprise-grade payroll affordable to SAP mid-market and enterprise businesses.

A future-proof, flexible, scalable solution for all of your HR and payroll needs 

Key features of Fast Track

  • Reduced cost of HR operations through consolidation into one platform
  • Simple integration to existing IT landscape
  • Fully compliant for use in 46 countries


  • Payroll Control Center — Real-time payroll monitoring of rules, validations and exceptions
  • Global processes, local best practices — Think global, but with local adaptations (regulations, taxes, languages, calendars, time zones and currencies)
  • Enterprise-grade payroll functionality — Including retroactive payroll calculations


  • Time Control Center — Real-time monitoring of time data, validation and reconciliation
  • Flexible, powerful and fully tested functionality — Time management, absence and leave tracking as well as advanced scheduling
  • Mobile People Engagement — Allow employees easy access anytime, anywhere, all in one place

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“Many companies are so focused on customer centricity that they forget to look closer to home. To be successful, you need to make sure that your services are employee centric too.” 


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“This project of transition has made us a better employer because we’re able to provide our employees with what they need.” 


HR consulting services 


“Alight | NGA HR understands our complex issues perfectly. Its team has the skills and knowledge to offer constructive solutions to the problems we encounter, due to our complex pay environment.”


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Alight | NGA HR is a world leader in payroll solutions

We are a company exclusively focused on HR. We help you transform the HR operations of your business to deliver more effective services to your staff. Our goal is to make you a better employer. 


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Find out how FastTrack can transform your company's payroll in as little as 12 weeks 

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Find out how FastTrack can transform your company's payroll in as little as 12 weeks 

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FastTrack allows SAP mid-market and enterprise businesses to fully integrate: Success Factors HCM, payroll, time and benefits solutions in as little as 12 weeks.

Create payroll simulations anytime, instead of at month end.

Reduce stress

Modernize your payroll in 3 easy steps


FastTrack’s highly efficient deployment methodology minimizes the complexity of setting up SAP SuccessFactors

A standard FastTrack HR and Payroll deployment takes just 12 weeks from project start to launch.


Our enhancements provide fast deployment with:

  • A deployment plan with defined tasks and timescales
  • Video tutorials
  • Change management toolkit
  • Best practice process maps


  • Our business consulting services support your transformation and change management.
  • We can provide ongoing maintenance and release management support.

With 50 years of international experience we’re who Gartner, NelsonHall and Everest Group recommend for global payroll solutions and who leading companies rely upon.

paychecks managed annually

50 million

Know your payroll is compliant and meets local regulations.

Peace of mind

Reduction in manual tasks through process automation.

Free your teams

Deploy payroll in weeks in subsidiaries at home or abroad.

Fast payroll deployment

Allows application tracking, on-boarding, time, data and performance management

Unified HCM

Supports remote working.

Access data anywhere

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The key advantage of FastTrack is the pre-made models based on best practice from over 1,400 successful HCM implementations.

We have engineered numerous of integration enhancements that accelerate the design and implementation process

Pre-Contract Due Diligence Assessment 

Process assessment and workshop checks the suitability of FastTrack.

Process Optimization Methodology 

Ensures customer process needs are fully incorporated in design and that change impacts are identified.

Best Practice Process Maps 

Swim lane diagrams define the model 'to be' processes on which the pre-configured system design is based.

Video Tutorials 

Tutorials help users get up to speed with FastTrack.

Solution Testing Workshop and Toolkit  

Planning workshop, tools and templates to support User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Pre-Filled Configuration Workbooks 

Configuration workbooks only need reviewing rather than starting from scratch.

Model Deployment Plan 

Efficiently project plan with clearly defined tasks, timescales and responsibilities ensures fast deployment

Standard Design Workshops  

Concepts and activities are clearly explained though workshops and supported by customer reference materials.

Pre-Configured Application Design 

Pre-build and tested solution saves build time and reflects best practice workflows.

Change Management Toolkit 

Change management guidance, planning templates and communications kit.