NGA delivers Payroll BPO for Clariant China

NGA establishes firm foothold in Chinese market

15 Dec 2014

Shanghai, China, London, UK, Singapore, Singapore – NGA Human Resources, a leading provider of global HR solutions, today announced that it went live with payroll outsourcing services for Clariant China after signing a marquee contract early 2014.  The achievement confirms NGA’s position in mainland China and shows organizations in China are ready to embrace global trends in HR and payroll outsourcing.

中国上海,英国伦敦,新加坡 – NGA Human Resources (安瑞雅),一个具有全球人力资源解决方案领导地位的供应商,今天公布为Clariant China (科莱恩中国)提供的薪酬外包服务上线了。对应的服务协议和计划是2014年前期签订的。这个成功确认了NGA在中国市场的位置。同时说明越来越多的在中国的企业愿意采用人力资源外包模式,顺应了全球市场的趋势。

China is one of the fastest growing markets for Clariant. Today Clariant’s operational network in this region includes business and service headquarters in Shanghai, production sites, technical labs and representative offices in 19 major cities such as Beijing, Changshu, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Huizhou, Jianping, Nanjing, Panjin, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Taiwan, Tianjin and Zhenjiang, etc. These locations support the Group‘s marketing activities and provide technical services to its customers.

Jennifer Xu, the Head of Human Resources Clariant Greater China describes “the Project is one of the initiatives to build up lean service operations in HR globally and to enhance both the service standardization and the competitive cost base in the long-term. It is embedded in Clariant HR’s global strategy to modernize HR through increase of process standardization supported by modern global IT systems and shifting to an improved role model.  With the good partnership of NGA, we trust the implementation of payroll outsourcing enables our HR community to concentrate more strongly on value-adding HR activities without compromising the quality of important but regular services.”

中国是科莱恩高速发展的市场之一。今天科莱恩中国以上海为中心,生产单位、技术实验室、办公室遍布了北京、常熟、广州、杭州、香港、惠州、建坪、南京、盘锦、青岛、深圳、台湾、天津、和镇江等地。这些下级单位推动了科莱恩的市场拓展,为其客户提供了技术服务。科莱恩公司的大中国区人力资源总监和亚太区能力发展中心总监Jennifer Xu (徐莹)评价到“这个项目是科莱恩在全球范围内建立精炼的人力资源服务运营的步骤之一。目的是提高服务的标准化,从长期的角度降低服务的总成本。这是科莱恩的全球人力资源战略的一部分,利用现代IT技术和人力资源管理角色的转型,通过流程标准化提高整体HR管理水平。在与NGA的高度合作下,我们相信薪酬外包的实施能够支持HR部门和人员更多地将精力放在贴近业务目标的各种高附加值的任务上。与此同时日常的、但同样重要的人力资源服务的质量得到了保证。”

Kevin Lin, VP Greater China for NGA says: “Running payroll is a core activity for any organization, but not a core area of expertise for which every organization wants to invest. This development confirms that organizations in China also need to continue to shed off their administrative burden in order to be able to focus on their core business. With continuing globalization and increasing compliance requirements, we believe the complexity of payroll will continue to grow. We look forward to the success of HR & payroll outsourcing services in the years to come”

NGA在亚太区和中国有着规模性、快速发展的客户群。将科莱恩中国加入客户群是又一个里程碑。Kevin Lin(林杨),NGA大中国业务发展副总裁说到“薪酬管理是任何企事业单位的核心事物之一。但它不是每个单位愿意或适合投入建设的核心能力范畴。这次和科莱恩的合作说明了在中国的企业愿意减少行政管理的各种负担,以便更好地专注于实现核心业务价值。随着全球化和合规性要求的持续演进,我们相信薪酬的复杂度还会提高。我们期待今后几年业务外包行业的进一步发展。”


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