NGA cleaHRsky: Get strategic workforce insights across core HR, payroll, talent and service delivery

NGA cleaHRsky webinar, HR-as-a-Service solution
02 Mar 2017
Live Webinar
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Join this NGA cleaHRsky webinar to learn how your organization can benefit from:

  • a standardized HCM solution that’s fast to activate and rapid to deliver results
  • a consistent global, interactive employee experience that addresses the expectations of future employees
  • true and continuous HR transformation and innovation
  • real-world demonstration showing actionable workforce insights and best practices

​With NGA cleaHRsky, you focus on providing your people with standardized processes, easy-to-use tools and insightful analytics needed to transform your business into one where employees can always engage, collaborate and work naturally together. A happy, engaged workforce underpins consistently successful business outcomes.