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We understand how critical agile solutions are to a business’s success, it’s why with the global reach and expertise of Alight, we can help you respond to employee and market needs in ways that help you grow. 

Respond to employee and market needs

Our end-to-end portfolio of services across HR, Heath and Wealth give you greater flexibility, regardless of what platforms you use. And with 20 years of HCM experience, our in-depth market focus and expertise can support your localised customer needs, wherever you are in the world. 

Support your localised customer needs

Every business is unique, it's why we think you should have the freedom to choose the tools, services and technologies that are best for you. We call it transformation freedom, and now as Alight, we can help free your business from inefficient ways of working. 

Help free your

In 2019, Alight Solutions acquired NGA HR. By joining the leading cloud-based provider of integrated digital human capital and business solutions, we can now help more organisations unlock next-level transformation and growth.

What is transformation freedom?

It’s global access 
Our global network provides local services within 188 countries.

It’s worldwide support 
We’re over 15,000 strong across five continents.

It’s end-to-end strategic consultancy
We can help you and your business think forward.

It’s greater capabilities and services 
Innovate more with access to the latest technologies.

It’s a partner for growth 
Expand further and venture into new markets.

The way we work has changed. Even before the pandemic, companies were under immense pressure to embrace digital transformation. And with the rise of remote working, the need to adapt has accelerated. To help your business navigate this new world, we first had to change ourselves. It’s why NGA HR has become Alight. 

Transformation freedom helps you break free from outdated processes that slow your business down.

Ready to free your workforce?

If you want to explore what transformation freedom looks like for your business, please leave us a message and we’ll be in touch.

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We’re now a global provider of integrated digital human capital and business solutions. We’re still your trusted partner in HR, payroll and finance, but as Alight, we’re now able to bring you so much more.

Every transformation
is unique

At Alight, we're taking the HCM and HR technology space to new horizons. Our transformation solutions bring more than just the latest technology, we offer businesses the freedom to choose how they better their workplace.
We're providing employees with more choice when making simple HR adjustments. With Alight, we equip you with the right technology for every process. We've designed out cutting-edge transformation solutions for businesses that want to not just survive but thrive.
Whether you’re an existing customer or looking for a new partner in HR, you can expect the same exceptional service we’ve always strived to deliver, but now with added benefits.


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