NGA HR Selected to Integrate & Manage SAP Payroll for 85,000 Employees of Belgian Defence & Integrated Police

The Belgian Defence and the Integrated Police have selected NGA Human Resources as their long-term payroll partner. The payroll project, one of Belgium’s largest, will migrate the forces’ two legacy payroll processes to a single SAP payroll system.

Payroll modernization project is one of Belgium’s most significant public sector HR investments this decade

Brussels, Belgium: Belgian Defence and the Integrated Police, have together selected NGA Human Resources to be their long-term payroll partner. The payroll modernization project, one of Belgium’s biggest, will see the forces’ legacy payroll processes migrated into a single SAP payroll system.

NGA HR will build, maintain and run payroll and post-payroll services for 85,000 public sector employees working for Belgian Defence and the Integrated Police services, in Belgium. NGA HR started the implementation program at the start of 2019. Once the integrated system goes live in 2021, NGA HR will continue responsibility for ongoing platform maintenance (AMS) and the running of post-payroll services.

John Van Hende, Lieutenant Colonel, Military Administrator at The Belgian Defence, is leading the project for the joint forces. He explained the choice of payroll solution and partner:

“SAP Payroll seems to be the ideal solution to underpin our complex payroll situation. It has plenty of scope to grow, and to integrate additional employee groups, if needed. To ensure the success of our investment, we needed a partner; one that can maintain and manage the SAP platform for us.

“NGA HR has the proven experience with SAP payroll solutions we need. And, this is backed up by strong evidence of similar payroll infrastructures and services delivered for organizations as challenging as ours. Throughout the selection and proposal process, the Belgium team at NGA HR demonstrated absolute understanding of our current payroll challenges. They also clearly understood our needs and expectations for an innovative and flexible payroll system needed to take the forces forward,” concluded John Van Hende at Belgian Defence.

Managing a complex payroll environment

Managing payroll for 85,000 people, working in different roles, on variable shift patterns, and under multiple employment statuses presents a major administrative task for any payroll team.

The complexity of the Belgian Defence and the Integrated Police magnifies this. This project can’t be compared to any other public or private sector customer because of the specifics of the payroll set up. For this reason a bespoke project delivery program has been designed.

“We’re really excited to be working on this payroll modernization project for the Belgian Defence and the Integrated Police. Probably one of the Belgium Government’s most forward-looking HR services investment this decade, the delivered project will cut payroll processing costs and improve efficiencies almost immediately. HR and payroll teams will be relieved from high-risk, resource-heavy administrative processes.

“Beside the challenges this client already has, managing payroll in Belgium is set to get more challenging as regulatory compliance and reporting requirements continue to be introduced. We’re taking on this risk and challenge for the client,” explained Koen Viaene, country sales lead at NGA Human Resources, Belgium.

The payroll project is being delivered in partnership with SAP.  Alain Georgy, managing director at SAP BELUX, explained; “We’re looking forward to working with NGA Human Resources on this project. SAP has been partners with NGA HR for 25 years, and in this time delivered many payroll projects together. Therefore, we know that the payroll services for employees of Belgian Defence and Integrated Police are in very safe hands.

“This project really is a combination of the best technology from SAP combined with the best payroll expertise and services from NGA HR,” concluded Alain Georgy, managing director at SAP BELUX.