NGA HR Selected by PVH Europe B.V. to Deliver Managed Payroll Services

NGA HR Selected by PVH Europe B.V. to Deliver Managed Payroll Services
NGA HR remove risk for PHV to assure legislative and payroll process compliance

  • Remove risk to assure legislative and payroll process compliance
  • Ensure high-performing application performance at all times
  • Solution ready to support business expansion
  • Strategic Partner for Payroll Services

Amsterdam: NGA Human Resources, the leading provider of global payroll and HR solutions, has been awarded a contract to provide managed payroll services in the Netherlands to PVH Europe B.V., one of the largest global apparel companies.

Until now, PVH Europe has managed its payroll system in-house. However, PVH Europe, which employs around 2,500 people in the Netherlands and approximately 10,000 people throughout Europe, is growing fast.

By outsourcing its payroll, PVH Europe has the assurance that it will maintain payroll process performance and to be compliant with all legislations including GDPR as it expands, and be able to manage any future payroll changes.

The solution
NGA HR Payroll, based on NGA HR’s proven Managed Payroll Services (MPS) model, will provide integration between SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and NGA HR Payroll.

Selection criteria
NGA HR stood out because of its unique global payroll delivery capabilities, combined with strong local markets experience; its competitive and clear pricing, and its team’s proactive and straightforward approach.

NGA HR also offered flexibility in delivery options to ensure exactly the right solution could be matched again the specific requirements of PVH Europe. The contract will run for at least five years.

“Like PVH Europe, many companies are becoming increasingly concerned about payroll complexity and the legislation that impacts it. Western Europe, where PVH Europe’s core EMEA operation is based, has been highlighted in the 2017 Global Payroll Complexity Index to present the greatest complexity challenge of anywhere in the world,” explained Danny Temming, Netherlands Country Manager at NGA Human Resources.

“At NGA HR, we’re well placed to help PVH Europe eliminate complexity and the risks faced by all organisations with multi-country workforces and high worth brands, and instead transform payroll into HR value.” continued Danny Temming, of NGA HR.

Payroll complexity solved
A new study from NGA HR, the 2017 Global Payroll Complexity Index (GPCI) report shows that at least 65% of companies say that legislative and HR & payroll updates are the number one payroll complexity challenge.