Vuoi visitare il nostro Centro Servizi di Granada?

Il Centro Servizi più grande di NGA è quello di Granada. Qui è dove, da oltre 10 anni, forniamo servizi HR e Payroll per 150 aziende in tutto il mondo.

Do you ever consider how your salary gets to your bank?

I’ve worked for years and it wasn’t until I started working for a payroll services company that I ever considered how my salary arrives at my bank account each month. I just assumed that my correct wage, with all additions and deductions made correctly, would be in my account, ready to spend as the clock struck payday. Had it not been, this might have been the only time I ever questioned the process.

Are you listening?

As an employer of more than 5,000 people, we know that modern life is tough at for all our colleagues.

NGA Human Resources è Sponsor ufficiale di AIDP 2019!

NGA Human Resources parteciperà in qualità di Sponsor ufficiale al 48° Congresso nazionale di AIDP, il cui tema sarà Intelligenza artificiale e Intelligenze umane. Quando il plurale fa la differenza.

GDPR is going global

A year ago, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) arrived to varying degrees of enthusiasm. For many people it was seen as great news. It brought guaranteed levels of security that are now expected and showed the importance of privacy as a human right.