A well articulated international payroll strategy encompasses multiple elements, including business case, regulatory compliance, governance, service delivery model, global payroll reporting, HR and payroll analytics and technology integration options

This guide brings together all components to help you get your multi-country payroll project going.

A Guide to Global Payroll at a glance

Understanding International Payroll Complexity







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Evaluate your payroll landscape

Do you want to identify potential gaps in your payroll landscape? Do you believe your solution is future-proof and compliant in every country? Find out about the maturity and readiness of your current payroll landscape in this online assessment tool. Our online assessment tool will help you evaluate improvement opportunities for your payroll along 4 dimensions and plot your position on a spider chart for: 

  • Payroll Technology
  • Payroll Process
  • Payroll Compliance
  • Payroll Business Value

The assessment consists of 20 questions and will take c. 10 minutes to complete.

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Build your Global Payroll Business Case

Global Payroll Business Case
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Select the Right Payroll Service Delivery Model

Having an efficient, secure and standardized payroll delivery model in place is the bedrock of HR success. But how do you select the most appropriate payroll delivery model? Do you know which payroll service delivery model best suits your organization? Do you want your HR staff to focus on transactional work, or you do you want HR to contribute to and execute your business strategy?

This webinar guides you through payroll service delivery best practices, and outlines the most common service delivery models, while this newsletter featuring Gartner research helps you assess the best delivery option for global payroll.

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Ensure International HR and Payroll Compliance


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Select your HR and Global Payroll Partner

When you select a provider to partner with for international payroll you will want to do your homework thoroughly.

First, make sure you have an overview of the entire provider landscape. Various providers have various value propositions. Second, make sure you understand the strenghts of each provider. Third, learn about a provider's culture and values, as you prepare for a long term engagement.

We've collected a series of reports from recognized industry analysts such as Gartner, HfS Research, IDC, Everest Group and NelsonHall, all of which evaluate the various providers in global payroll.

Once you have a complete overview of all providers, compare them side by side using these 7 evaluation criteria.

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Get HR and Global Workforce Reporting Ready

Global Workforce Reporting
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Optimzing Solvay's Global Workforce Management

Learning from practitioners is critically important before you start your global payroll project. As a globally operating chemicals company, Solvay had the challenge to fully revisit their global processes and build a Global Hire-to-Retire Business Services organization, including global payroll.

This video lays out how Solvay addressed the question of global standardization across the employee lifecycle, including payroll.

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