A well articulated international payroll strategy encompasses
issues of individual country compliance, global reporting,
cross-border data security and barriers of language and

NelsonHall’s NEAT report identifies NGA's payroll leadership

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Payroll outsourcing
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How Complex is Payroll in Your Country?

Payroll complexity Index
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"Payroll, once a perfunctory HR administration function, now becomes an increasingly complex, detailed and important tool in retaining top-quality talent across the globe."

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How the Cloud is Impacting HR

Cloud Human Resources
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"Given NGA’s long term experience with cloud configuration, standardization and global roll-outs, NGA provides businesses with a dedicated team equipped with the experience, insight and technologies essential for HR success".

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How to Bridge the Gap in Your Multi-Country Payroll Solution?

Multi-country Payroll



"A wooden footbridge may be fine for a babbling brook, but come rainy season, when payroll changes start pouring and the water levels swell, you’ll wish you had a more stable structure."









"There is no single point solution that is ideal for all environments."














"Working together on the deployment will ensure that the nuances between regions can be addressed before they become issues and that the gap between regions and solutions is bridged. "

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