Connecting HR

Whether you need to provide a seamless user experience in a best-of-breed environment or want to connect global solutions to local payroll and time, hrX is at your service.

A new HR and employee experience

You expect your HR experience to be like any online experience: personalized and easily accessible, where and when you need it, using your channel of choice. hrX by NGA brings that seamless and integrated experience to all users: your employees and managers as well as your HR professionals.

Using hrX modules, employees receive easy access to HR solutions and can reach out to the HR service center. HR professionals, supported by the latest innovative technologies, can easily manage and control processes to deliver high quality HR services and provide valuable insights to optimally support business leaders.

hrX is now also available as a SaaS model, where you can seamlessly connect your payroll with Cloud HR solutions.

How can hrX help?

Do you run and operate a best of breed HR environment? hrX Access offers your employees a single entry point to all tools and solutions. Your employees can quickly access the portal and manage their HR and payroll needs without having to remember different URLs and logins. This enables them to look up information and complete transactions, so they can quickly resume work.

Every HR solution provides reports. But in today's data-driven business, that is not enough. You need analytics that cover workforce, payroll, time and service center data so you can provide actionable insights that improve workforce performance. hrX Analyze delivers just that: integrated and real-time analytics, that allow you to quickly pinpoint areas of improvement. You can provide these strategic insights to your business leaders, enabling them to maximize performance.

Have a question? hrX Assist is here to answer. Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, our chat bots respond to employees with accurate information. When handling complex queries, they can do a 'warm transfer' to a service agent. hrX Assist is the heart of the service center. All interactions are logged, and if necessary, turned into a ticket for follow up. The case management solution tracks progress on all tickets, ensures KPIs and SLA's are measured and met, and provides an environment that can be audited to satisfy your strictest compliance needs.

If you run a global HR Cloud solution, how do you connect to each local payroll? Maintaining point-to-point integrations is complex and costly. You also run the risk of synchronization errors, when administrators update the local system instead of the global master. With hrX Exchange as middle layer, we provide a single point of integration to your Cloud HR solution, like SAP SuccessFactors or Workday, and certified integrations to local payrolls, supporting 188 countries. hrX Exchange detects global data changes, and evaluates what local data additions are needed so it can update the payroll solution. All data movement is tracked, and can be audited for compliance reporting.

Whether you run a local payroll or oversee regional or global payroll, at any time during a payroll period you need to know the exact status of each process. hrX Pay provides you with that insight, and allows payroll administrators to manage each step of the process. hrX Pay runs on the payroll calendars, and ensures each action before, during and after the payroll runs is tracked, completed and documented. Alerts are available to point out potential issues before they occur, so you can quickly take control and ensure a smooth payroll run, and more importantly, accurate payslips for your workforce.

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