Our vision for HR in the 2020s and beyond

What 20 changes happened in 2020 and our HR vision for the 2020s.

The workplace changed in 2020

In February 2020, we surveyed 2,000 people on how they think the world of work will change by 2025 for a future gazing report we planned to publish.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Overnight, many of the changes our survey was predicting to occur by 2025 had already happened.

Unperturbed, we produced a new report documenting 20 major changes that happened in 2020 and how these compare with our survey. We make predictions for the future vision of HR into the 2020s.

Download the report to see if you agree.

20 Changes in 2020 for the 2020s 

What happened?

20 workplace changes
reshaped how we work

What people said?

“We want flexible working
to become the norm”

What we predict?

HR has to drive the C-suite
and its people-based decisions

Coming soon: Our HR Manifesto

HR Manifesto- Coming Soon

As a follow up to the results of our 20 Changes in 2020 for the 2020s report, we have written our HR Manifesto for the 2020s.

The HR Manifesto sets out what your HR organization needs to do for the rest of the decade and beyond and:

  • Highlights 4 key pillars that HR needs to address
  • Offers a glimpse into the future
  • Lists the key steps HR needs to take be successful
  • Proposes HR takes a lead role in shaping company strategy

The future is now.
Make sure HR is leading the way