Speed up your SAP implementation project and improve the efficiency of maintenance.

HR Data Transfer

Do you need to test your newly installed environment with live data? Do you have a SAP HR implementation project in your organization where you want to keep the ownership of the HR data? Do you want to creating an easy-to-train environment?

If yes, then HR Transfer is the right solution for you!

Speed up your SAP implementation project and improve the efficiency of maintenance.

Reduce implementation time

During the implementation of any SAP module or installation of HRSP, HR Transfer allows you to test data with accurate information instead of manually creating it in a testing system.

Respect of confidentiality

Scrambles sensitive employee data in your target system to ensure that sensitive employee HR data remains confidential during implementation.

Maintain control of data

Stay in control of all HR related information during the implementation process and select the data you want to transfer and the method of transfer.

Improve testing & save time

Speed up and improve your development testing cycle in a quality environment using real data. You can also compare the results with the former system.

Fully SAP integrated

HR Transfer supports 100% of the SAP Concurrent Employment and SAP Global ID.


No need for specific training thanks to the easy user interface.

Fast implementation track

This out-of-the box software comes ready-to-use with a set of preconfigured reports and standard customizations.

Improve training

Guaranteed to always have a clean and ready-to-train system with a uniform data population that can be duplicated to conduct the same training to multiple trainees.

Solution features

Flexible and customizable tool

HR Transfer is entirely adaptable to the specific needs and expectations of the user. The user decides what information to transfer and which method of transfer to use. They can also choose how the transfer should run.

Compatible with different versions

The data transfer can be carried out between systems of different versions, but always in ascending order, i.e. the target system should be of a version that is the same as or higher than the source system.


HR Transfer is a high-performance tool developed using the latest functionalities offered by SAP. It is fully integrated with SAP R/3 and respects the standard SAP R/3 authorizations.

Deleting of transfers

Transfers can easily be deleted once they are done by deleting all data transferred to the target system or the data remaining in the source system.

Scrambling of sensitive data

To ensure data confidentiality, all data can be scrambled. It is easy for the user to generate new names for a pre-defined field formula. To do so, they only need to check a checkbox in the detail screen.

Efficient user-interface

The user interface of the HR Transfer tool has been designed to ensure optimal use of the tool. The customization options allow simplified screens to be presented to end-users, providing an optimal user experience.

Faster testing

The HR Transfer tool is the best way to speed up and improve your testing cycle in development and quality environments. It is the go-to tool for:

  • Testing SAP upgrades using real data
  • Testing HRSP’s
  • Correcting errors in production environments
  • Creating smart training environments
  • Testing customer specific developments and / or customizations

Different transfer methods

With HR Transfer, the user has three options for how the data will be transferred. These are:

  • RFC Online: the Remote Function Call creates a channel between two systems. Uploading and downloading of data is a single procedure.
  • RFC background: this method of transfer is identical to the RFC online, but is executed in the background.
  • File on server: the data is downloaded to a file on the SAP server.


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