Design Thinking

HR is about people. While modern HR benefits from automation and outsourcing, at its core it’s still about people. It’s about getting the best out of your people and how the business can give its best to them. We can help you get the most out of your people using design thinking.

Investing in an HR solution means investing in a business’ most valuable asset – its people. But there’s no one-size-fits-all HR solution that works for every business.

Successful HR is only possible for businesses that truly understand their people, their challenges and motivations.

This is where Design Thinking comes in. It’s about thinking like your people, going beyond the same old answers and designing a solution that makes working life better for them.

What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is a way of approaching problems differently – by putting yourself in the shoes of your employees and giving them the best experience an employee can have.

It’s about thinking outside the box to solve problems for people, instead of just arriving at the same old answers and trying the same old things.

The key to successful design thinking is putting people at the center of your ideas. Experience their problems and break them down to find what the underlying causes are. You then can start to think about how to solve them.

Creativity is key in design thinking. It’s about going above and beyond. Even if your existing HR solutions are working, is there a way they could be even better or more responsive? Can you make the workplace even better for your employees?

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We host workshops for your HR team, teaching them the key concept behind Design Thinking and giving them the tools to think differently when it comes to delivering HR for your business.

Our workshops equip your team with the skills to run their own creative and design thinking sessions, brainstorm ideas, test those ideas and use them to make changes.

So, as your business grows, your team has the skills to grow with it and ensure HR always meets the needs of your people.

In the session, you’ll learn to understand and empathize with your employees. You’ll be able to understand employee needs or problems from their perspective and use your new skills to brainstorm ideas to help them overcome challenges.

Plus, we’ll teach you the next steps, too – how to test your ideas. Your team will learn how to prototype ideas and review their success and use these learnings to improve your brainstorming sessions going forward.

An example of a Design Thinking workshop agenda:

Experience the key tools used in Design Thinking

1. Understanding the environment
2. Defining and redefining the problem
3. Idea generation techniques – mind mapping, journey mapping
4. Experimentation, prototyping, minimal viable product/service
5. Validation with users, learning launches, storytelling
Design Thinking applied: examples of Design Thinking in use

Formation of subgroups

  1. Methodology guide
  2. Concrete business/design

Executing design challenge (in small groups)

Group learnings and next steps

Improving the employee experience

Our Design Thinking workshop gives you the tools needed to create a better workplace for your employees. The skills you learn in the workshop can be applied to new challenges your business and employees may face in the future. This ensures you’re always meeting their needs.

Learn to think differently and approach problems from a new perspective – a human one. The result is a more productive and motivated workforce who are driven and rewarded by HR that works for them. We’ll work with your team to help build an HR strategy that works for you and your people.