How to implement a new Payroll and HR solution in less than 12 weeks | Webinar


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Many mid-sized multinational businesses are at the crossroad of expanding their organizations or may have a payroll solution which is no longer sustainable. Growing your company is often faced with challenges around rules and legislative regulations, compliance, global reporting needs (especially in the age of GDPR), as well as needing comprehensive analytics, to help with strong business and management decision making needs.

Shifting your solutions can be very stressful which can take months, even years. But how can you mindfully manage all these challenges? Turn your challenges into a deliverable project with a smart, understandable and affordable solution.

In this webinar you’ll find out how you can solve your growing pains with NGA FastTrack HR and Payroll. Hear how this can:

  • Solve global payroll issues with current and modern payroll technology.
  • Support your expansion plans - For example, we implement 50% faster and with 60% less work, than would be required, with a regular SAP payroll implementation.
  • Solve compliance and legislative issues in more than 50 countries.
  • Provide comprehensive analytics and reports, analyze data in real time.
  • Ensure maximum security of your HR data.

You’ll get expert advice on:

  • How you can get quick results with NGA HR FastTrack Payroll and HR.
  • A look at the architecture and components of the implementation and integration.
  • Key requirements for consideration, if considering this global pay and HR journey.

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