NGA FastTrack is our new offering for mid-sized companies. If you want to improve your HR and Payroll services with a great Cloud-based solution by NGA at a very competitive price, FastTrack is perfect for you.

It features a comprehensive analytics and reports suite, provides maximum security, solves compliance issues and is available for 51 countries – thus supporting your international expansion plans.

NGA FastTrack is a fully preconfigured, tested, and proven SAP Employee Central Payroll solution that delivers great value to your business – in just 12 weeks. It offers 50% faster deployment and requires 60% less work effort and budget compared to traditional implementation..

Simple Features

NGA FastTrack is a fully preconfigured, tested, and proven SAP Employee Central
Payroll solution that delivers great value to your business – in just 12 weeks.

FastTrack offers 50% faster deployment and requires 60% less work effort and
budget compared to traditional implementation.


  • built from scratch
  • bespoke
  • lenghty internal debate
  • cost risk

NGA FastTrack

  • preconfigured and tested
  • adopted from standard procedures
  • fast deployment
  • cost certainty
  • templates based on NGA best practices

Solution components:

  • SAP Employee Central
  • SAP Employee Central Payroll
  • additional modules are required

Special Advantages

  • NGA FastTrack enables you to standardize your core HR processes to support payroll.
  • It’s a truly out-of-the-box plug-and-play solution, with rapid implementation in just 12 weeks.
  • FastTrack offers great features – complemented with NGA’s unmatched experience.
  • You will benefit from a truly global platform that supports your international expansion plans.

Simply put: FastTrack offers you the best value of money.

Super Functionalities


  • fast access to real-time data analysis
  • full end-to-end transparency
  • easy integration into your existing IT landscape
  • global process model integrating local specifics
  • affordable access to new capabilities
  • low-risk, as fully compliant with and supported by AMS built-in NGA payroll experience

Optional Extensions (at Extra Cost)

  • payroll landscape alignment with the expectations of a digital workforce
  • standardized operating model and processes
These technical expansions were previously unavailable at this price point.

Integrations (at Extra Cost)

  • support complexities, including off-cycle and retro-payments

Human Resources

  • seamless compatibility with employee records
  • comprehensive reports suite
  • smart data maintenance
  • concurrent employment records for managing multiple contracts
  • global assignments functionality
  • contingent workforce and apprentice management
  • employee and manager self-service offerings
  • position management in support of HR planning
  • fully compliant for use in 51 countries

Straightforward Design and Deployment

NGA FastTrack is preconfigured and tested.

Only limited design and testing is required, as FastTrack is a tailored adaptation of a proven solution. The comprehensive functionality included comes fully tested and ready for import and validation of your specific data. No custom HR configuration is necessary, but corporate theming is possible (if you are a new NGA customer).

FastTrack’s highly efficient, structured deployment methodology is specifically engineered to:

  • accelerate time to value and
  • minimize the complexities of setting up SAP SuccessFactors.

A standard FastTrack HR and Payroll deployment takes just 12 weeks from project start to launch.

Seamless Implementation

The FastTrack approach is engineered for quality.

Specific enhancers to enable quick
and easy deployment:

  • deployment plan with defined tasks, timescales, etc.
  • completed workbooks
  • rapid video tutorials
  • change-management tool kit
  • best-practice process maps

The solution-deployment methodology is fully covered in guidelines and video tutorials provided to you at the outset of the project.

Supportive Services

Transformation and Change Management Support

Our highly experienced business consulting services are available to support you with change management. We can also assist you in developing a specific delivery model, aligning the process, or drafting a customized HRIS road map for you.

Maintenance and Release-Management Support

Cloud support is mandatory with FastTrack. Or we can provide support as part of a custom BPO contract (if applicable).


Download the FastTrack Data Sheet

Superior Experience

NGA HR Focus and Credentials

  • We are a company exclusively focused on HR. We help you transform the HR operations of your business to deliver more effective and efficient services to your staff. Our goal is to make you a better employer.
  • With an unrivalled 50 years of experience in HR and payroll, and a vast number of successful SAP SuccessFactors projects, we are experts in simplifying complex configurations.
  • Our global network of more than 5,000 skilled experts provides you with local support
  • Clients call us “the only one-stop shop for HR”, providing IT-services, strategy and implementation.

The NGA Advantage

We boast a winning combination of extensive HR expertise and insight, advanced technology platforms and applications, and a global portfolio of flexible service-delivery options. What sets us apart is our deep understanding of the intersection between process and technology – complemented by a profound knowledge of localization requirements based on our BPO and euHReka heritage.


In 2018, for the third time in a row, NGA was named Leader in Cloud-Based HR Services for SAP SuccessFactors by NelsonHall.

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