Actionable insights to manage your global workforce

HR Analytics & Data

Do you know if your diverse, global workforce is paid equally and appropriately?
Are you able to provide workforce insights that combine HR, payroll, benefits time and service center data?
Do you want to deeply understand employee costs so you can optimize where work gets done?

Knowing your workforce so you can make informed decisions about hiring, developing and engaging employees is a crucial differentiator to succeed in business. Data about people is sensitive, constantly changing and housed in many disparate systems. But when analytics is done right, what ‘the data tells you’ leads to powerful insights that materially contribute to business results.

How we can help


HR analytics help leaders make strategic decisions based on facts: from answering questions about the state of diversity throughout an organization and across its employee life cycle, to identifying areas where intentional or unintentional over or under payment may be occurring, to understanding how to effectively address problem areas related to payments and promotions.


Good business decisions require accurate data, and when data can be queried in real-time, the true value of analytics shines through. NGA HR does not only gather data on employees; we provide insights into each HR process by combining data from various sources, so you can make relevant people decisions, and improve HR services as well as operational performance.


The ability to capture and analyze big data enables you to increase revenues by better understanding and more accurately managing the workforce and optimize costs through improved people initiatives.


We know how to integrate HR systems so you can connect the dots. Data are presented in visual dashboards which are easy for leaders to understand. We offer solutions to help them determine critical solutions and support complex decision making.

Drive insights that help your business


You need answers that are hidden in your data. We make sure that our Insights cover all available data: from HR to payroll, time and even service center data. This allows you a 360-degree view on your HR delivery.

To give you a quick start, NGA offers standard dashboards: Top10 KPI’s, Payroll, Diversity, Overtime, Headcount, and others.

NGA Insights makes it easy to query your data: you can use natural language to ask a question and the system will show you the corresponding overview. You can ask a question about overtime, compare one country against another or request a different visualization like a map, chart or pie. The system will retrieve the information as you type so you can quickly determine if this is the right information for you.

Anomaly detection

What if you could easily detect ‘outliers’ in your global workforce: individual employees that are treated differently from the rest? Think about an employee that receives a salary that is far lower than others in the same position. Or someone who claims far more expenses than anyone else?

Our anomaly detection lets you do just that. The algorithm is based on the fact that anomalies are data points that are few and different. As a result of these properties, anomalies are susceptible to a mechanism called isolation. Once isolated, you can decide on your course of action and follow the recommendation.

Some real life examples:

  • An employee is taxed differently because the tax regime was not adapted when someone moved across organization into a new (home based) role
  • There is a mismatch between dependents and children (a new born registration was not updated to dependents)
  • Some employees from an acquired company missed out on a recurring payment they should have received


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