HR Advisory Practice

We partner with your HR team to deliver
a transformation strategy that works
for your business and its people.

When you invest in HR, you reap the rewards of efficiency, time-saving and creating a better place to work.

From your organizational structure to your payroll systems, the positive changes to your HR strategy make all the difference for your business and its people. Unlock the potential of HR by partnering with our team of expert advisory consultants.

HR Advisory with Alight | NGA HR

Wherever you are in your HR transformation journey, our team of expert HR advisers has the knowledge to take you to the next level.

HR advising HR

When you partner with us, you don’t get salesmen or product pushers. You get access to HR specialists with experience in the field.

So, instead of someone reading from a script. You get a genuine subject expert getting to know your current HR environment and applying the knowledge they’ve built across their career to advise on improvements.

The knowledge and advice you receive are the same as our experts practice themselves.

Setting the standard

This is because, at Alight | NGA HR, we benchmark our service against our own expectations as career HR advisers. We hold ourselves accountable for delivering best-in-industry advice.

So, when you partner with us, you can be sure you’re getting the innovation and attention to detail that is demanded to optimize your HR function.

Wherever you are in your journey

Whether you’re currently planning to move from on-premise to the Cloud. Or if you’ve already made the transition but need extra support getting the most out of your cloud HR system. We’re here to help you get to where you need to be.

If you’re just starting your digital transformation, we get to know your business plan and organizational structure and advise on the right HR system for you.

And if you’ve already moved to the HR cloud, we’ll advise you to get the most benefit from each module. This helps you roll out the latest innovations as soon as they’re available and making sure every process is fully efficient and documented.

Preparing for transformation

We help you prepare for your digital HR transformation by looking at your current HR environment to see which of our models is right for you:

HR Scan

We measure your HR department’s performance against market standards to identify key areas for improvements. Then, we support you in rolling out these changes.

Target Operating Model

Our experts get to know your current HR environment. They work with you to define your structure and roles, for operational efficiency.

HRIS Roadmap / Cloud Readiness

We advise on your HRIS strategy and define scenarios to optimize your HR system and make sure it’s fit for purpose for your people. This puts you in the best position to begin your transformation to the HR cloud.

Enabling transformation

Our team of HR specialists are here to help you at every stage of your digital HR transformation.

HR Process Design

We review, align and document your complete end-to-end HR process, to make sure it’s fit for purpose for your organization.

Cloud Driver

Our HR and IT experts support you in your move to the HR cloud, providing experienced project management, testing and data migration resources.

We help you achieve effortless transformation, advising on any challenges and providing the
IT expertise to bring your cloud HR solution to life.

Change Management

Our service doesn’t end with IT advisory practice. Our HR specialists support in engaging your people – key stakeholders and employees – to help you achieve the buy-in that’s so crucial for successful HR transformation.

We help you gain dedicated support from your organization to help you get the most out of your HR system and processes.

Maximizing efficiency

Our partnership doesn’t end when your HR system goes live. We continue to work with you to deliver maximum efficiency for the lifecycle of your HR transformation.

Payroll Consulting

We work with you to assess and optimize the performance of your payroll, advising on changes to your organizational structure and systems to help you achieve an optimal payroll strategy.

Our experts also help you develop your to-be model, so you’re prepared for any future
changes or challenges.

HR Cloud Optimization

We provide ongoing support after your cloud HR system is live, continuing to solve any issues with your system before they become full-blown problems and helping you achieve an optimal cloud experience.

Continuous Performance Management (CPM) Booster

Get access to our expert HR knowledge to support you in defining your CPM strategy, to make sure your people have the right skills to push towards your business goals and meet your needs, now and in the future.

A global footprint

Our global presence means we’re able to support your HR transformation across your complete global workforce.

We have HR consultants based in 20 countries worldwide, speaking 16 languages.

So, when you partner with us, we deliver the HR expertise to initiate companywide transformation, with the personalized and region-specific skills and knowledge to support you in each location.

Tailored support

Our HR consultancy services can be tailored to meet your needs. Consultancy can form part of a bolt-on package with other Alight | NGA HR services, for those looking to fully outsource their HR to our specialists.

Or if you’re simply after expert support for your transformation to the HR cloud and beyond, our advisory services can be delivered as a personalized standalone package.