See how your country ranks in the level of payroll complexity

With different legislation, employee benefits and pay, managing payroll is complicated. Some countries are more complicated than others, see how you compare by downloading our Payroll Insights Kit.

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Payroll Insights Kit



3Full Global Payroll Complexity Index Report

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Why do you need this kit?

This report shows the results of nearly 2,500 payroll professionals identifying key challenges as well as which country has the most complex payroll

We highlight the key drivers of complexity by country and show the trends that you
need to be aware of.

The kit offers comprehensive insights enabling you to make your payroll simpler

Who should download the kit?

If you work in multinational HR or payroll department this is a must

The report alongside the webinar recording and infographic will give you valuable insights into trends you should be aware of to ensure your payroll is optimized.

If you are responsible for your company’s IT

You should be aware of the different technical challenges different countries face regarding payroll

What is in the Payroll Insights Kit



A webinar recording by industry experts explaining some of the key findings in more depth



An infographic showing graphically the complex picture of global payroll


Full Report

40 page report based on a global survey of payroll professionals

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Full Report3Full Report

Payroll Insight Kit

Being experts in managing global payroll, it’s vital we understand our customers in order to develop optimal solutions

The report was written in conjunction with the American Payroll Association, Canadian Payroll Association, Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals and the Global Payroll Management Institute. These organisations have a great deal of knowledge which helped us create this report.