France is Driving the Transition to the Digital Workplace

According to “Digital Workplace in Europe” Study by PAC

01 Feb 2017


  • 74% of IT & HR managers across Europe say work environments have a 'strong' or 'critical' impact on business success
  • 52% say the work environment is very important for the success of their company. 22% say it's critical to the company’s economic performance
  • 42% have digital workplace transformation high on investment agenda
  • 63% of companies plan to invest in modern apps and technologies within two years
  • Significant regional differences highlighted, with France and Belgium leading the UK and Germany
  • Download full Digital Workplace in Europe report here

The transition to digital HR processes is vital if French businesses are to succeed in the digital economy according to the findings of an independent study of the Digital Workplace in Europe by independent European research and consulting firm, Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC, a CXP Group Company), and co-sponsored by NGA Human Resources, the global provider of HR and payroll solutions.

The Digital Workplace in Europe (DWP) report, provides a 360° view of the critical issues relating to workplace modernization in businesses employing 1,000 or more people.

The DWP index results show French companies as setting the pace for building the workplace of the future. Openness to cloud-based is cited as a significant advantage. However, when it comes to supporting mobile working or SLA-based delivery, there is still a way to go in France.

Belgium is also reported as being very advanced, with mobile working particularly well supported. The UK leads the design of digital strategies, but is slow to migrate. Germany is highlighted as a late comer to readying its workforce for the future of work.

Detailed information on each of these countries can be found in the Digital Workplace in Europe report.

France Summary

French companies are reported as forerunners in the planning and delivery of the digital workplaces needed to support the job functions and processes required by businesses as we advance further into the digital economy.

Particularly well supported is the establishment of a cloud-ready infrastructure (45% against avg. 33%) and BYOD (43% against avg. 30%). However, French companies are slightly behind in the quality of HR access and in respect to Digital HR strategy (31% are dissatisfied against avg. 34%).

Already, 45% of businesses in France have reported significant cost savings following the move to digital processes. The European average is 30%. Customer service levels have also risen in France in 27% of businesses (European average is 19%).

A higher than average number of workplace managers in France are ‘completely satisfied’ with the delivery of workplace modernization against goals set. Advancements in the end-user experience being the most satisfactory (27% against avg. 19%).

IT infrastructure is another strong and advanced feature of French businesses. Network performance (55% against an avg. of 35%) and the use of public cloud services in the workplace (55% against avg. 38%) and process integration 43% against avg. 29%).

However, mobile support is not strong, but looks likely to improve with proposed acquisition of mobile devices high on the investment agenda. Equally, France lags behind in the fulfillment of basic requirements. SLA-based delivery being one, but this is not just an issue in France. Across Europe, 57% intend to improve on this. 

Other investment agenda items include change management and the development of a DWP-friendly organizational and cultural environment (46%).

“The digital workplace can only be successfully implemented if it is realized as a holistic design and service concept,” says Dr. Andreas Stiehler, Principal Analyst for Digital Enterprise at PAC.

“In addition, businesses should be prepared to take new paths in strategy, design, management, operations, and support. While large investments are already being made in the procurement of modern workplace technologies, the implementation of the digital workplace as a holistic design and service concept is usually still in its infancy,” continued Dr Stiehler of PAC.

"The PAC Digital Workplace in Europe study concludes that the digital workplace is neither a pure IT nor a pure HR project. The modernisation of work environments in the digital age is a complex undertaking, explained Simon Porter, Vice President Sales Digital HR, NGA Human Resources.   

The focus is no longer on cost optimisation, but on accommodating multiple requirements across the business and, for many enterprises, in many locations and countries. This requires collaboration and communication between departments that previously operated independently, introducing the need for significant cultural transitions as well.  

“This transition management requires smart planning, not just at the initial stages, but as the expectations of the workplace evolve to support the future of work, business and processes. We've helped hundreds of businesses around the world to do this successfully and can concur that while this is not a simple exercise, it is one where the advantages are immediate to see,” continued Simon Porter of NGA Human Resources.  

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About the “The Digital Workplace in Europe” study

The study entitled was prepared in the multi-client model and co-sponsored by NGA Human Resources, Hexaware, SCC, Matrix42 and Damovo. The survey was conducted in September and October 2016. More than 180 people responsible for IT and HR in companies in Belgium, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom were surveyed by telephone (CATI). The sample comprises companies with more than 1,000 employees, operating in various industries. 

The Digital Workplace in Europe study will help organisations build the business case for Digital HR – in terms of employee and business benefits, productivity gains, drivers, technology options, and planning for the future of work.

Executive Summary, full report and infographics relating to the study are available for download here:

Complete report






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