Payroll Integration Services

Integrating multi-country payroll can be challenging,
see how we can help you integrate your payroll.

Large businesses often have employees all over the world, each with different payroll rules which change regularly. So creating a single, standard payroll case for your global workforce requires an understanding of legislation.

No matter how complex your payroll is. Whichever region(s) you operate in. Or whatever your existing payroll looks like, we work with you to build an integrated payroll software solution that works for your current and future situation.

Integration approach

If you’re currently working with a Human Capital Management (HCM) solution and want to integrate multi-country payroll, we evaluate what you already have in place to build a non-disruptive payroll solution.

Our tools allow us to seamlessly roll out a payroll solution that complements your existing HCM. This means all data is accessible at a single point and with a single log-in for employees.

We integrate payroll software with your current time, attendance and personal employee information systems. This gives you a fully functional HR solution in the Cloud.

Building your payroll integration case

We’ll also help you develop a payroll solution where you don’t currently have the latest HR system in place. We work with you to understand your business, markets and employees to deliver an integrated solution that’s easy to access and intuitive to use.

Our integrated solutions are tailored to your business and use a mix of the most relevant services, so each aspect of your HR and payroll solution is customized for you. As a result, what you get is a single, integrated HR and payroll solution built to meet the needs of all your local markets and your employees.

A scalable solution

It’s not enough to build a payroll integration solution that meets your needs today. Your payroll integration solution needs to be scalable. Certainly, if you expand, move into new markets or add employees to your payroll.

We help you deliver a scalable payroll solution that can grow with you. By integrating payroll with the HCM, it immediately becomes easier to scale your payroll as and when you need.

Your cloud payroll solution naturally lends itself to scaling, too. When you achieve a single payroll solution for all countries and develop a single point of contact for global payroll, you can grow and move into new markets without the hassle of adding new local rules and relying on local vendors.

We know you don’t want administrative errors getting in the way of your business reaching its potential. For that reason, we help you build a flexible payroll solution that’s ready for your next step.

Future-proofing your payroll

Your payroll also needs to be adaptable to any changes you might make to the business. Therefore, we help you develop a payroll case that’s fit for the future.

As you grow and move into new markets, payroll can become more complicated. As a result you might look to outsource to a provider. Cloud payroll offers the flexibility of outsourcing, so you won’t have to completely restructure your payroll in the future.