Payroll Analytics and Data Management

When you integrate your payroll with the HR cloud, you get more than just a simple user experience. Integrated payroll gives you the insights you need to improve your business. The result enables you to make smarter, more informed business decisions. All in real-time.

Businesses with large or global workforces have access to huge amounts of invaluable data.

Employee information, spending, time and talent data helps build a picture of your current employee spend. It also provides the insight to help you make improvements.

Our payroll enhancements make it easier to access and view your data, so you can start using the information to make positive changes.

Payroll analytics

Integrating your payroll with the HR cloud lets you access all your HR data on our intuitive analytics platform. Navigate payroll data by country, location and date, plus granular spending details on employee benefits, overtime, annual leave and more.

Our analytics dashboards give you a 360-degree view of your employee spend. This makes it easy to visualize payroll and delve into your data to find exactly what you need to make informed business decisions.

Standard dashboards include Top 10 KPIs, payroll, diversity, overtime, headcount and more. You can even use our anomaly detection tool to highlight outliers in your payroll data – the employees being treated or “behaving” differently from the rest. This might include employees being taxed differently, receiving a lower salary than their team or someone who claims far more expenses than the rest of the team.

Use your data to create a fair and rewarding environment for your employees, increasing retention and productivity.

Data management

Empower yourself with all the data needed to transform your business’ payroll. Our insights platform is designed for ease of use. So, you can use natural language to search your data and quickly compare payroll in different regions.

Choose how you want to display your data too, in a choice of maps and charts to help you find the data you need to deliver more accurate and reliable payroll.

We don’t just list your payroll data, we produce meaningful visual reports so you can see the trends and patterns you need to drive better business decisions.

Whether you’re looking for the insights to make informed changes, or need to display data to your board, our enhancements make payroll data management simple.

hrx access

Employee access

Payroll works both ways and it’s important employees achieve the same intuitive payroll experience as the employer.

Integrating payroll with HR means employees can access all their HR and payroll data in one portal, saving on the hassle of entering and saving different logins.

Let employees manage their payroll information and complete transactions on a single, accessible hub. You can then reap the rewards of stress-free and accurate payroll for employer and employee alike.

hrx assist

Payroll assistance

Our payroll assistant tool uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide accurate and responsive answers to your employees’ questions. All your service center queries feed into the virtual assistant to build a bank of data that can be called upon to answer any queries.

And if the question is too complicated, the assistant passes it on to a service agent who can look into it in more detail, so you always get the answers you need.

The assistant is more than just a chatbot. It’s a working virtual service agent, logging each interaction and ticketing queries that need following up. Each query is tracked to make sure you receive a full answer and that KPIs and SLAs are met.

hrx exchange

Connecting payroll

Integrating payroll with the HR cloud is a challenge for global businesses – how do you connect to each local payroll? With administrators working in each region, small local changes can cause problems when it comes to synching global payroll.

We help bridge the gap between your local regions and global payroll offering, offering support in 188 countries.

Our solution tracks all data changes in local regions, making sure they’re reflected in your payroll solution, so you’re always providing accurate and compliant payroll.

hrx pay

Complete transparency

Our payroll solutions offer complete transparency across the whole local and global payroll process, so your payroll administrators can track and manage each step.

hrX pay gives you greater visibility over the process. It visualizes the payroll calendar, so you know the state of each country payroll at any given time. Plus, you’ll be alerted to any potential problems before they arise, so you can take control and ensure a smooth and accurate payroll run.