Our range our extensions ensure you get the
most out of your HR system.

NGA COVID-19 Health Check-In Extension

As Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads across the world, organizations need to ensure the health and safety of hundreds of thousands of employees. This confusing, fast-changing situation demands scalable and flexible technology.

The NGA COVID-19 Health Check-In Application enables your organization to track and manage the health, safety, and availability of its entire workforce.

NGA COVID-19 Health Check-In Application is available on the SAP App Center.

Global payroll apps (hrx)

Our range of payroll service apps help support your payroll. Our Employee Central Apps extend the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central user experience.

They are pre-built and certified on the SAP Cloud Platform. These apps integrate with our hrX Suite global payroll offering and provide a seamless user experience for Success Factors’ users.

It enables the management of local pay information, requests to HR, documents and payslips directly from SuccessFactors.

My Forms

MyForms allows users to visualize and maintain local legal employee data stored in the hrX Exchange forms directly in SuccessFactors – avoiding the need to access another platform.

My Documents

MyDocs allows employees to visualize and upload documents stored in the hrX Exchange document store leveraging the SuccessFactors user experience.


With AskHR users can ask questions directly to the service center without having to leave SuccessFactors. Users can follow up process requests through this application.

My Pay

MyPay provides users with a graphical overview of their salary over the previous 13 months as well as being able to preview and download every single payslip.

Human Capital Management (HCM) extensions

We have developed a range of extensions that integrate with your HCM to maximize the value you get from it. Our proprietary XTendHR ‘apps’ are fast, efficient and highly tuned to bridge the gaps in the SuccessFactors environment. They open up a world of possibilities, whilst maintaining core HR processes and underlying system and data integrity.

Pay and rewards

NGA Human Cost

Helps leaders make strategic decisions based on facts. It highlights what is going on in your organization such as employee diversity, over or under payments as well as promotions.

NGA Reward Central

Provides employees with a single point of access and administration for the self-service management of their salary, rewards and benefits entitlement. View in SAP App Center.

NGA My Pay

Provides employees with online and mobile access to their payslips directly from the Cloud HCM. View in SAP App Center.

Document management

NGA Fast Doc

Streamlines the production of compliant contracts, letters, proposals and sales collateral, taking your enterprise productivity to the next level.

NGA My Documents

Embeds HR and Payroll document management into the cloud HCM user experience. It gives employees, managers and HR access to a complete record of employee data and documents such as resumes, sickness notes and tax documents. View in SAP App Center

NGA My Forms

Ensures all local payroll data required to run compliant payroll in all countries can be entered with the same user experience. View in SAP App Center

HR support

NGA Chatbot

A conversational service, where employees can request HR support directly from their SuccessFactors homepage. View in SAP App Center.

NGA Case Management

Provides a unified employee inbox that integrates with any HR case management solution. View in SAP App Center.


A mobile enabled experience to create, manage and track all user interactions with our service delivery center experts directly from their cloud HCM. View in SAP App Center.

Employee relations

NGA Work Council

Provides your works council with the data to support recruitment and review applicants’ rights within SAP SuccessFactors. View in SAP App Center.

NGA Labor Relations

Enables employees, managers and relevant authorities to manage grievances and incidents in one compliant and easy to use environment, fully integrated with SuccessFactors. View in SAP App Center.

Recruitment, onboarding and development


Links Employee Central and SuccessFactors employee IDs with any identity management solution. This allows HR managers and administrators to process new hires faster, avoid duplicate data entry and reduces errors.View in SAP App Center.

NGA Fast Hire

Integrates the hiring process within a single workflow. Including new hire’s contractual documents, login details and payroll process creation. All can be setup before the candidate starts work. View in SAP App Center.

NGA Mass Creation

Allows the mass creation of positions and attributes based on Excel files as well as delimiting and splitting an existing position. View in SAP App Center.

NGA Continuous Learning

Enables employees to track and manage their continuous learning activities and puts them in control of their own career development. View in SAP App Center.



Allows users to scan work stoppages and to keep data from official forms.

NGA Cloud Transfer

Allows the migration of users between multiple SuccessFactors environments. View in SAP App Center.

NGA Stop Hunger

Everyone is busy and carving out time for giving back to your community can seem like a Herculean task. In a society fixated on material things, we often forget that kindness can be found in small, personal joys. The NGA Stop Hunger app makes giving back a little easier.

NGA Custom build your way

The true value of XTendHR is that no matter what your functional or process gap is, we have the capability and the creativity to fill it.