Webinar: The Agile HR Survival Guide

When: 01 Sep 2020

Where: Online

The Agile HR Survival Guide
6 Must-Haves to Successfully Adapt and Motivate through Change
This is a disruptive time for all employees, and HR departments are at the epicenter of the response.
But are your compensation processes ready to respond?
If you don’t have the right compensation management systems, you limit your options for response—or risk chaos if you try to implement policies that you can’t execute with the systems you have.
Watch the webinar, to learn:
  1. Why compensation strategy is crucial to help plan and respond to economic crises
  2. The six “must-haves” to respond agilely to rapid change
  3. What HR teams must do to avoid disruption in the compensation process
  4. How compensation teams can help their companies rebound post-pandemic