Live Interactive Webinar: ‘Can you offer the rewards and salary packages needed to attract and retain today’s top talent?’

When: 17 Sep 2019

Where: Online

Join our international, live, interactive webinar about the latest trends in employee compensation and how these could impact your organization.

From talent acquisition and retention through to payroll administration and compliance, we’ll have a look at it all!

Who should watch this webinar?

HR Professionals
Payroll professionals
Anyone who is interested in this topic! Feel free to forward this invite to your colleagues.

Why should I watch this webinar?

The latest trends in employee compensation are putting pressure on HR and payroll teams:

– HR to provide transparency in total compensation and to be open to new reward strategies.

– Payroll to continually update payroll data and to set retro-active payments. In some countries, this means payroll is run daily. This is hugely inefficient.

It is therefore vital that you are equipped with the knowledge to manage these expectations.

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Who will be presenting:

Caroline Garstang Howlett
Author and Researcher of the Global Payroll Complexity Index. She is based out of the NGA Human Resources UK offices.



Chris Wakely
Chris has been working in global benefits technology for the last 15 years. He has seen the changes taking place both in insurance provision and the increasing importance of the employee experience. He is based out of the Benify London office.