HR Executive Circle – Navigating the new perimeters of People Analytics and HR Intelligence

When: 25 Mar 2019

Where: Sint-Anna Kasteel, Brussels, Belgium

Amid the ongoing disruption made by advanced technologies, there is an outstanding opportunity for HR: each process and step within an organization -and each touch point between them- represents a potential new area for people-related insights and potential efficiencies. Data, analytics and AI are at the forefront, and the chances to take advantage of them to enable HR intelligence are real.

An intelligent, cognitive, and deeply connected HR organization undoubtedly represents the model for tomorrow. But envisioning what is really looks like and how to effectively put the pieces together is both a complex and a delicate exercise. The ultimate vision is one in which technologies like augmented data analytics, artificial intelligence, connected objects and robotics help HR extend insight-driven decision-making, enable and support workforce productivity, identify trends and patterns, intelligently assess the needs for future skills, and predict the real human impact on both operational and organizational effectiveness. At its best, intelligent HR is going to be the fundamental traction to deliver corporate agility, people collaboration, extraordinary employee experience and strategic workforce planning. Moreover, it clearly has the potential to tangibly elevate the strategic role of the HR department at the ultimate level.

This session will enable a great debate of ideas and a and forward-thinking discussion, enriched by real-life experiences and insights.  Topics addressed during the session and debate:

  • From people analytics to HR intelligence: new trends and opportunities
  • The rise of intelligent HR: from technology to mindset to delivery
  • AI, connected objects, robotics…: how they are really impacting HR strategies and deliverables – Building the roadmap for HR intelligence: where to start?
  • From HR data and intelligence to predictable insights: towards the real-time workforce management era
  • Mastering HR intelligence: a manifesto for the new way of working