HR Executive Circle – Does the digitized workplace really fuel workforce productivity and organization effectiveness?

When: 07 May 2019

Where: Het Paleis, Antwerp, Belgium

Today, the challenge for HR is not only ensuring the right processes, systems and technology are in place, but also assessing how work gets done, redefining the new skills to develop, judging which new role people must play, and reshaping the HR operating model at the intersection of humans and technology. Moreover, HR must ensure that the digitized workplace complies with the company’s culture, labor law and social governance. Last but not least, HR must give a very close attention on how to reskill and redeploy workers displaced by technology.

Topics addressed during the session and debate:

  • Envisioning a workplace that is increasingly digitized, versatile, agile and automated
  • Reskilling and redeploying workers displaced by technology
  • Revamping the HR operating model with focus on new digital capabilities, organizational effectiveness, best technology fit and clear metrics
  • Keeping aligned and compliant with work regulation rules and culture
  • Redesign jobs and compensation models to reward productivity and contribution to business value

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