Gospel Executive Briefing – Business Growth is Built on Trusted Data

When: 27 Feb 2019

Where: The Hospital Club

At Gospel Technology we enable trusted, secure and ethical inter-enterprise data collaboration, underpinned with our distributed ledger technology.

You are cordially invited to attend our first 2019 executive briefing to discuss and be informed how our approach to trusted data has been accepted by some of the largest corporations worldwide.

You will hear from:

  • Kevin Bailey, Director GTM Strategy – Why industry confusion around distributed ledger is breeding failure
  • Ian Smith, CEO Gospel Technology – How can businesses uphold trust in a zero-trust environment
  • Anita Lettink, SVP Strategy & Alliances NGA-HR – How NGA-HR are engaging with Gospel Technology to revolutionise their global HR and Payroll systems
  • Reuben Thompson, VP Technology – An insight into the advantages aerospace and pharmaceutical companies are exploiting with Gospel Technology, addressing real business problems with the latest integrated technology