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Modernizing the Belgian Defence and Integrated Police Forces payroll

The Belgian Defence and Integrated Police Forces came together to enlist the help of NGA HR when modernizing their payroll systems. The need for modernization Both the Belgian Defence and Integrated Police Forces have complex payroll needs. Combined they have 85,000 employees. These employees work in different roles, on variable shift patterns and have multiple […]

AmRest: Digitalisierung von HR, um das exponentielle Unternehmenswachstum zu unterstützen

AmRest, eines der größten Gastronomie-Unternehmen weltweit, betreibt mit fast 45.000 Beschäftigten ein typisches People Business. In den letzten drei Jahren hat das Unternehmen sowohl in Europa als auch in Asien eine erstaunliche Expansion erlebt (mehrere Merger & Akquisitionen, + 20% CAGR, + 300 Restaurants und +15.00 neue Mitarbeiter allein im Jahr 2018). Aber auch in […]

Solvay: Optimizing global workforce management

Solvay is an international chemical company who decided to review their global processes and to build a global ‚Hire-to-Retire‘ business services organization. NGA’s global payroll outsourcing services, managed on a single HR platform, optimized Solvay’s HR processes. In addition to improving the efficiency of HR services. In 2011, Solvay, with its 30,000 employees in 56 […]

Sodexo: At the service of its personnel

Managing Human Resources and Information Systems is a difficult task, even more so when your name is SODEXO and you employ more than 100,000 people across Europe, 30,000 of them in France alone. It is this challenge that Michel Foulon, VP Strategic Planning and Control at SODEXO decided to take on in implementing change in […]

Baker Hughes: Outsourcing payroll to create added value in HR

Managing large fluctuations of employee numbers across multiple geographies and entities while ensuring a correct and timely payroll processing, is not an easy task for HR departments. In order to tackle this challenge and to increase HR service delivery efficiency, Baker Hughes, a global oilfield services company active decided to globally transform its HR department. […]