Category: HR trends

Batman leads the way in Employer Branding 2.0

When looking at Employer Branding there is a strong balance between the increasingly dominant technology and the need for real contact in the recruitment process.

The changing workplace: Business is personal

In the workplace, the voice of the individual continues to gain strength—perhaps because of our increasingly intertwined work and personal lives, and the climate we operate in today.

Pay transparency is here and we couldn’t be happier

Once considered a taboo subject, salary is now more openly discussed among coworkers than ever. In fact, in a survey we conducted of 1,200 actively employed adults in the U.S, nearly half of our respondents confessed they know how much their colleagues make.

Compensation management is important in every company

Compensation management is vital for employee motivation. It shouldn’t be exclusive to large corporations. Everyone should be recognized for the value they bring to organizational success; not just those in companies with 1,000s of employees, and millions of dollars a year in salaries.