GfK (Growth for Knowledge), one of the world’s most renowned market research companies in the consumer goods industry, has embarked on a digital transformation journey. The company has consistently invested in digitization in recent years: In order to live its vision of one truly global HR organization, GfK has introduced a single, central HR cloud solution, based on the Workday platform.

Tune in on our practical, how-to webinar with GfK and find out how:

  • GfK converted a highly fragmented and complex HR system landscape with more than 60 single systems into one global cloud solution
  • a global SaaS-based payroll outsourcing solution has served as the foundation for homogeneous, holistic HR processes
  • Workday Adaptive Planning enables a „single source of truth“ of employee data for improved workforce forecasting and planning
  • real-time HR information and analysis provide more governance and faster, data-driven planning and future-proof decisions
  • employee engagement and experience is strengthened with Workday Talent Management and soon Workday Learning Platform