Tenova, a leading supplier of advanced technologies in the mining and minerals industry, needed an HR solution that could support the global growth of the company. Our proven ability to deal with HR issues made NGA Human Resources the best match.


Tenova was determined to find the right HR partner that could handle the entire Tenova Group globally in 5 languages with Talent Management and HR Analytics functionalities. The new HR system also needed to incorporate the core HR process already in place with the current SAP HCM landscape. NGA HR was chosen. 

In the last year, Tenova has had a significant growth in its global workforce, expanding by 25% with more than 4,500 employees. The increasing organizational complexity resulting from the expansion caused a decrease in control of their HR processes and management. This presented a challenge that their current HR and IT systems and processes couldn't handle. 


They chose SuccessFactors as their best-fit option for Talent Management redesign with cloud solutions. NGA HR implemented the SuccessFactors modules. Nakisa was also chosen to improve organizational structure management. 

Tenova worked closely with NGA HR consultants to identify the issues and weaknesses that they needed to work on. NGA HR advised Tenova in having a hybrid approach for their HR transformation. 


Client testimonial: “Tenova's core asset is its people: talent management is a key process and the HR platform we developed is the foundation of it. I believe we have strongly improved our talent decision process, which has become much more fact-based, while enjoying, from an IT perspective, a global, common and secure platform.”

Andrea Lovato - Chief HR and Information Officer, M&A, Tenova 

Tenova has already estimated a 10% savings on HR activities due to the improved quality of information and increased process efficiency. 

The SuccessFactors solution has had an excellent feedback from users, facilitating change management and engagement. 


About Tenova

Tenova is a worldwide supplier of advanced technologies, products, and services for the metals and mining industries providing innovative, integrated solutions for complete process areas. Tenova's network companies operate in 26 countries on 5 continents with 4,800 people. 

Tenova is further committed to develop its technology in the areas that greatly impact the future of the industries it serves: quality of the products delivered by the customers, energy saving, and effective pollution reduction.