NGA Human Resources formed a strategic alliance with Securex, Belgian market leader and provider of services related to human capital matters. With this alliance, NGA HR links its HR software to Securex' expertise in local HR services.


The company wanted to eliminate costly software development time and focus instead on providing HR services to their customers. In addition, Securex wanted to transition to a single technology platform.

The dispersed HR technology of Securex, which has been built up during the past years, resulted in high maintenance and support costs, inconsistent customer interfaces and extensive manual involvement by Securex staff for data entry, validation and consolidation.


HROnline not only offers HR services like personnel administration, time and talent management, reporting and business intelligence, but also integrates with Securex’s payroll system.

Securex decided that NGA Human Resources’ euHReka Cloud-based HR Services platform offered the ideal solution for their new HR portal, named HROnline. This system is robust enough to be accessed as frequently as every day by some 35,000 customer companies representing more than 230,000 employees across Belgium, France and Luxembourg.


“This alliance plays an important role in supporting the HR management for SME's, especially since they can now access features that were difficult for them to reach. We have managed to get the best of both worlds together, for the benefit of our customers”


Securex ultimately decided to form a partnership with NGA Human Resources, rather than a standard deployment and euHReka installation.

This collaboration allows small and medium entreprises (SME) as well as large businesses to gain access to a large and professional offering of HR services through a new platform based on euHReka.