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Solvay: Optimizing global workforce management

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    Specialty chemicals

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    Brussels, Belgium

Solvay is an international chemical company who decided to review their global processes and to build a global ‘Hire-to-Retire’ business services organization.

NGA’s global payroll outsourcing services, managed on a single HR platform, optimized Solvay’s HR processes. In addition to improving the efficiency of HR services.

In 2011, Solvay, with its 30,000 employees in 56 countries, decided to reorganize its business units. The primary purpose of these changes was to become closer to its customers and be more agile. In addition, they needed to be better equipped to seize opportunities and realize growth ambitions.

Challenges and objectives of ‘Hire-to-Retire’

Solvay reviewed their global processes and built a Global Business Services organization around the main company processes. These processes included ‘Hire-to-Retire’. The main goals of the ‘Hire-to-Retire’ business service are to:

  • Support Solvay’s 30,000 employees and 10,000 retirees across the globe
  • Efficiently manage all HR related matters such as workforce administration, payroll and talent management

Taking into account the global presence and innovative mindset of the Solvay Group, this is a very complex and challenging activity. As a result, it demands services of the highest quality.

The services provided by the ‘Hire-to-Retire’ business service needed to be more efficient than ever before. Consequently, Solvay decided to move towards a global HR solution. It would be based on a single technology platform with standardized processes and tools at a global level.

Automation of both the HR processes and the underlying HR technology was equally important in this context. Solvay’s HR provider needed to have the capacity to manage 40.000 employees and retirees across the globe.

About Solvay™

Solvay is an international chemical company, founded in Belgium in 1863. Their products serve diversified markets worldwide, from consumer goods to energy.

“Every time we had an issue or problem, the spirit of both Solvay and NGA was to find a solution, and not reasons to disagree. We had the freedom to ask NGA what was the best solution for a specific issue, based on their experience. And NGA was always open to it.”

Raul Bustamante
Business Services Process Manager – Hire-to-Retire, Solvay
The main objectives of Solvay’s decision to partner with a single global HR services provider were:
  • To improve HR service delivery efficiencies through the optimization of its HR & payroll processes
  • To outsource the payroll processing activities, as such freeing up time and internal resources to focus on strategic HR matters
  • To evolve towards a single HR technology supporting globally implemented HR processes, tools and procedures
  • To increase the satisfaction of Solvay’s HR customers: its global workforce
NGA’s Solution

NGA was selected to respond to Solvay’s global HR needs, with the objective to provide Solvay with qualitative HR services and to offer continuous improvements and efficiency gains.

Therefore, Solvay decided to outsource its global payroll processing activities to NGA. In this collaboration model, NGA manages all operational aspects of the payroll process from A to Z, while Solvay stays in charge of HR data entry and service delivery to the employees

This enables Solvay to focus on strategic HR matters and to free up time for value-added HR activities.

NGA’s SaaS HR IT solution – euHReka – was chosen as the underlying HR technology to support Solvay’s global workforce. This innovative HR solution covers all geographies and HR processes in scope, and offers the necessary flexibility to meet Solvay’s current as well as future HR needs.

NGA’s proposed solution is truly global, robust and based on proven standards, but is also flexible enough to adapt to technological & market evolutions, as well as to Solvay’s future needs.

Why NGA Human Resources?

Throughout all steps of the collaboration, Solvay perceived NGA as a very customer-centric company. NGA spent a lot of time listening to Solvay’s challenges and did a great job in and trying to understand their needs. Moreover, NGA showed a great willingness to establish a long-term collaboration with Solvay. NGA really acts as a true partner, willing to listen to Solvay’s needs and providing the best solution based on our HR experience and knowledge.

According to Solvay, NGA’s strengths are the following:
  • Global HR solutions combined with a flexible approach to match Solvay’s current and future HR needs
  • Qualitative HR service delivery models
  • Right HR knowledge and experience to support Solvay at the global level
  • Customer-centric mindset, truly engaging with Solvay’s stakeholders
  • Deep understanding of the customer’s needs
  • Willingness to establish a trusted and long-lasting partnership with Solvay, and to evolve towards a more efficient future together