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Securex: The power of HR partnership

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NGA Human Resources has formed a strategic alliance with Securex, Belgium’s leading provider of human capital. This alliance links NGA Human Resources’ HR software to Securex’s expertise in local HR services. As a result of this collaboration, a new HR platform based on euHReka, allows small and medium businesses (SMBs) as well as large enterprises to gain access to a large offering of HR services.

The Challenge

Over the years, HR and Payroll provider Securex has built different front-end systems on multiple different technology platforms. This has been primarily for their customers in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

This dispersed technology resulted in high maintenance and support costs. In addition, there was inconsistent customer interfaces by function and extensive manual involvement by Securex staff for data entry, validation and consolidation.

The company wanted to eliminate costly software development time. Instead, they wanted to focus on their core competency of providing world-class HR services to their customers.

In addition, Securex wanted to transition to a single technology platform. Above all this would support more flexibility and customization. Therefore enabling them to better tailor their services to customers.

The Benefits

  • A scalable, cloud-based portal on a single technology platform. This meant less manual interaction, lower IT support/maintenance costs per end user and greater productivity.
  • A streamlined, more intuitive customer interface based on euHReka resulting in less end user support. Now, product enhancements happen “on the fly” with limited involvement from Securex.
  • Expanded services for a wider customer base (from sole proprietors and small companies through multinationals). As a result, Securex now offers tailored, multi-user-level views and features depending on the specific client needs.

About Securex

Securex offers specific expertise, advice and innovative solutions in all aspects of the management of human capital.
The Group operates in Belgium, France and Luxembourg and employs 1.600 people across 30 regional offices.
Securex provides HR guidance and support to more than 150,000 individuals and companies.

“This alliance plays an important role in supporting the HR management for SME's, especially since they can now access features that were difficult for them to reach. We have managed to get the best of both worlds together, for the benefit of our customers.”

Luc Deflem CEO, Securex
HROnline Portal – HR Services in the Cloud

Securex decided that NGA Human Resources’ euHReka cloudbased HR Services platform offered the ideal solution on which to base their new HR portal, named HROnline. This new system is robust enough to be accessed as frequently as every day by some 35,000 customer companies representing more than 230,000 employees across Belgium, France and Luxembourg. HROnline not only offers HR services like personnel administration, time and talent management, reporting and business intelligence, but also integrates with Securex’s payroll system.

And while feature richness is important, it’s equally crucial that HROnline be flexible too, supporting companies ranging from small, locally owned businesses with a handful of employees and no HR department to larger enterprise clients with over 1,000 employees spread across multiple locations.

The system also supports a wide range of user types (super user, HR administrator, end user) that can be adjusted based on the needs of Securex’s customers.

Why a Partnership?

Securex ultimately decided to form a partnership with NGA Human Resources, rather than a standard deployment and euHReka installation. This engagement enables Securex to leverage NGA Human Resources’ strong technology platform and expertise providing HR services into high-level HR support for their customers, regardless of size. This partnership allows both companies to focus on what they do best, translating to enhanced HR support and lower costs for their customers.

Following the partnership and launch of the HROnline portal, Securex can now offer customers a highly intuitive, web-based system with full-featured Employee-Self-Service and ManagerSelf-Service, allowing for automation of common HR processes and greater cost savings. Yet Securex still retains direct access with their customers, thanks to aspects such as an integrated command center built into HROnline.

Finally, the highly adaptable HROnline system is available in multiple “flavors” based on criteria like company size and number of locations. Thus Securex’s smaller-size client companies or sole proprietors would see a pared-down interface limited to elements such as payroll or time tracking. But larger companies running HROnline would have a different flavor, that would accommodate enhanced functionality such as a full HR department, different levels of HR users, reporting and other enhanced functionality.